Friday, November 4, 2016 “What does your wife do?”By Liliana PalermoFor the HeraldDouble Income, No Happiness(1)This question was probably a bit out of place not that long ago. In an era when we are expected to go above and beyond (10) for our jobs, our personal lives are suffering. Allowing some flexibility in the workplace is so important to help us maintain healthy personal lives. Marooned holdouts in quake-hit Italian town liken life to “stone age.”“rub the boss the wrong way” (9)It is a common belief that if you rub the wrong way on a cat’s fur, you annoy it because it doesn’t like that. He was known as a bad player who used to rub executive board members the wrong way.

Source:   Bueno Aires Herald
November 04, 2016 17:49 UTC