In autism arrest, the only thing new was the video

If the video shocks you, and it should, imagine how often children with autism or other disabilities are being arrested in situations where there's no video, no parent present and no viral outrage. His mother said that she was not notified of any charges or warrants out for her son's arrest. JUST WATCHED Saudi dad fights autism through hip-hop Replay More Videos ... MUST WATCH Saudi dad fights autism through hip-hop 02:34The events that occurred sound bad, of course. "So the only thing surprising is it (the Florida incident) was on video." Disabled children of color are especially likely to experience arrest rather than a more appropriate response.

April 22, 2017 14:37 UTC

APNewsBreak: Problems remain at troubled Washington hospital

Inspectors who visited Washington state's largest psychiatric hospital found that safety problems that thrust the facility into the national spotlight after the escape of two dangerous patients a year ago persist, including neglected patients. Dr. Joseph Wainer, a psychiatrist at the hospital, said the problems continue. Wainer told AP in an email this week that the hospital placed him "under investigation." At a news conference last week outside the hospital, Inslee and new CEO Cheryl Strange said they've made significant improvements in patient safety and staffing levels. The state health agency inspected the hospital in late March and reported a patient safety violation involving nursing staff and a patient's treatment plan.

April 22, 2017 14:37 UTC

Nearly naked Trump, science experiments and other things our reporters found at L.A.'s March for Science

In its approach to scientific research, President Trump’s budget can be accurately described as a mugging. I then headed the federal Solar Energy Research Institute, which spearheaded the Manhattan Project to Harness the Sun. In the late 1970s, the United States had more PhDs in the solar field, filed more solar patents and made more commercial solar modules than the rest of the world combined. In 2016, solar energy was the United States’ largest source of new electricity-generating capacity, contributing roughly 40% of the total from all sources. The U.S. solar industry now employs 260,000 people, more than three times as many workers as the coal industry.

April 22, 2017 14:35 UTC

Your guide to the March for Science in downtown L.A.

More than 500 cities around the world, including 40 in California, hosted a March for Science on Saturday. In Los Angeles, thousands descended on downtown. High-profile speakers included seismologist Lucy Jones and billionaire climate change activist Tom Steyer. But what does a March for Science even mean? To answer these questions and more, our reporters Deborah Netburn and Javier Panzar and photographer Genaro Molina braved the heat and the science-believing masses.

April 22, 2017 14:35 UTC

Old, Ill and Ordered Deported From Denmark to Afghanistan

The Danish authorities counter that the decision to deport Mrs. Waziri is of her own making: She broke the law. Cases like Mrs. Waziri’s invariably cause a clash between humanitarian concerns and the letter of the law. Photo“Without a social network who can support her in Afghanistan, she is at risk of serious harm,” he wrote in an email. By the time he was killed, she was already in Denmark, disqualifying her from applying for family reunification from abroad. Mrs. Waziri’s daughter said the family had ignored several deportation orders, fearing that going back to Afghanistan would kill her mother.

April 22, 2017 14:35 UTC

How Terrorism Can Alter Elections

The research underscores that while the effect of terrorism on elections is profound, it is also complex. By creating a fear of future attacks, terrorism affects even those who do not experience the violence firsthand. With its history of terrorism and its complex multiparty political system, the country is something of a laboratory for understanding the interplay of attacks and elections. When Terrorism Decides ElectionsIn Israel, the study estimated, terrorist attacks swung the 1988 and 1996 elections to the right-wing Likud Party, which won both by small margins. An Attack on IdentityThere is another, subtler way that terrorism can alter politics: by reshaping how people view themselves and the rest of society.

April 22, 2017 14:34 UTC

Ryan: Russian election meddling probe will help US allies

While the Republican speaker claimed that Russia's alleged meddling didn't affect the outcome of the election — won by U.S. President Donald Trump — he said its actions "cannot be tolerated." "One thing we know for certain is that Russia meddled in our election," Ryan said. "This is a foreign country trying to meddle within the internal activities of a sovereign country or a democracy." Ryan was meeting with Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid later Saturday with his eight-lawmaker delegation. Estonia was the last stop in the delegation's European tour, which also included visits to Britain, Norway and Poland.

April 22, 2017 14:29 UTC

Novartis Tests New Alzheimer’s Drug on People Who Don’t Have the Disease

Novartis is recruiting people with two copies of a gene called APOE4 to participate in studies. Photo: Getty ImagesNovartis AG NVS -0.30% thinks its best bet for testing two new Alzheimer’s drugs is on people who don’t actually have Alzheimer’s. In November, a high-profile Eli Lilly LLY -0.06% & Co. drug called solanezumab was the latest to fail a late-stage clinical trial. The company is looking for people with two copies of a gene called APOE4 to participate in its study. But the Novartis study was among a small group of trials that could still vindicate this approach, Dr. Doraiswamy said.

April 22, 2017 14:26 UTC

5 Essential Characteristics Of Highly Productive Client-Agency Partnerships

Most agencies are actually capable of doing great work if given the right brief. This is why the same agency can do great work for one client, and bad work for another. Over the years, I found out that partnerships with great creative culture had these characteristics in common:Untidiness: A lot of the best conversations happen in between meetings and some of the best decisions are made based on gut reaction. A lot great ideas start over a drink, or a meal together, not in the conference room. Candor: Being frank and direct can be uncomfortable when discussing creative ideas because it feels personal, and there are feelings involved.

April 22, 2017 14:26 UTC

WSJ: No Lawmakers Representing Border Region Support Request For Wall Funds

Not one member of Congress representing the region that President Donald Trump's proposed border wall would run through has declared support for his request for funding to begin construction, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday. Per the report, the Wall Street Journal surveyed lawmakers who represent territory on the United States' southwest border and found that most are opposed to Trump's request for funding to begin work on the wall, while many still have questions. "Not a single member of the House or Senate representing the region expressed support for the funding request," per the report, which noted that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle were included in the survey. "There is no way in hell I support the request for $1.4 billion in border wall spending," Rep. Filemon Vela (D-TX) told the Wall Street Journal. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) said in a statement obtained by the Wall Street Journal that he "will continue to review options as the current appropriations process moves forward."

April 22, 2017 14:26 UTC

Deputy shoots suspect during confrontation on interstate

A southwest Florida sheriff's deputy shot a man during a confrontation on Interstate 75. Lee County Undersheriff Carmine Marceno told reporters that the deputy had responded to a 911 call for service on the interstate when the suspect confronted her with a gun. The deputy shot him. Marceno did not release the name of the deputy or the suspect. Interstate 75 southbound in Fort Myers for several hours after the shooting but has reopened.

April 22, 2017 14:26 UTC

Milo Yiannopoulos plans 'comeback' at UC Berkeley

Former Breitbart News editor and professional provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos is planning a comeback at the University of California, Berkeley. Yiannopolous announced plans for a multi-day event at the liberal university in a Facebook post. BILL MAHER DEFENDS ANN COULTER IN BERKELEY FREE-SPEECH FIGHTIn February, protesters threw rocks, broke windows and set fires outside the school’s student union building to protest a campus event featuring Yiannopoulos. BATTLE FOR BERKELEY: WILL COULTER SPARK ANOTHER CLASH? “In light of recent controversies, I am planning a huge multi-day event called Milo’s Free Speech Week in Berkeley later this year,” Yiannopolous said on Facebook.

April 22, 2017 14:23 UTC

Thousands Across The U.S. And The Globe March For Science In Defiance Of Donald Trump

“I’m a scientist, I’m an engineer, I’ve seen the planet from the vantage point of space,” Melvin said. So we have to have science.” Teddy Shipman, an 8-year-old New Yorker in D.C. for the march, stressed the importance of a healthy environment. Who doesn’t like that?”"We use our knowledge of science to preserve and protect our cultural heritage." “It’s not a partisan issue.” Tens of thousands of other people were also taking part in rallies, with 600 other marches happening around the world. CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article stated that tens of thousands of people across 600 countries were taking part in rallies.

April 22, 2017 14:21 UTC

‘Sherlock Holmes of Armenian Genocide’ Uncovers Lost Evidence

“This is the biggest obstacle to peace and stability in the Middle East.”Eric D. Weitz, a history professor at the City College of New York and an expert on the Armenian genocide, called Mr. Akcam “the Sherlock Holmes of Armenian genocide.”“He has piled clue upon clue upon clue,” Professor Weitz added. Exactly where the telegram was all these years, and how Mr. Akcam found it, is a story in itself. With Turkish nationalists about to seize the country in 1922, the Armenian leadership in Istanbul shipped 24 boxes of court records to England for safekeeping. Mr. Akcam said he had tried for years to gain access to the archive, with no luck. This year, dozens of congressional leaders have signed a letter urging President Trump to recognize the genocide.

April 22, 2017 14:15 UTC

James Cameron's 'Avatar' Sequels Get Release Dates

20th Century FoxBecause clearly this couldn't wait until Monday morning, James Cameron has officially announced the release date for the next batch of Avatar sequels. As you know, Avatar wowed audiences and critics back in December of 2009 and ended up grossing a whopping $760 million domestic and $2.7 billion worldwide. To wit, Cameron dropped a message on the Avatar Facebook page about an hour ago..."Great to be working with the best team in the business! Avatar takes flight as we begin concurrent production on four sequels. So, again, assuming this isn't another false alarm, we'll be getting Avatar 2 a whopping 11 years after the first film.

April 22, 2017 14:10 UTC

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