These Teachers Voted For Trump. Here's What They Think About His Proposed Education Cuts

Her satisfaction with the president includes his plans for schools, even though his proposed budget slashes $9 billion from federal education programs. “I don’t know – I don’t necessarily think that’s the responsibility of the federal government.”McClung’s view stands in contrast with many of the nation’s leading education groups and teachers unions who are decrying the proposed education budget. The American Federation of Teachers said Trump’s proposal “takes a meat cleaver to public education.” The nation’s former secretary of education John King said that the cuts will hurt all students, especially low-income and minority ones. The proposed budget slashes funding for a number of education programs ― including ones that provide after-school programming and teacher training ― overall decreasing Education Department spending by over 13 percent. These areas might have only one public school system or one school for all students.

March 25, 2017 16:30 UTC

A Bird Landed On Bernie Sanders' Podium Exactly A Year Ago Today

It seems like a distant memory, but exactly a year ago Saturday, a bird landed on Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) podium while he was speaking at a presidential campaign rally in Portland, Oregon. Sanders turned to face the bird and chuckled, drawing cheers from the audience. “Now, you see this little bird doesn’t know it ―” Sanders began. Once the bird had flown away and the cheers died down, Sanders finished his thought. “I know it doesn’t look like it, but that bird is really a dove asking us for world peace!

March 25, 2017 16:30 UTC

Hacking suspect's parents: He won't flee if allowed on bail

The Tokbergenov family says Baratov is innocent -- and falsely portrayed. The allegation that his son communicated with Russian intelligence agents and was part of a hacking scheme is unsettling to Tokbergenov. It's not my son," Tokbergenov said. When asked, the family would not elaborate on what kind of business Baratov ran. According to his family, Baratov is solely a Canadian citizen and only has a Canadian passport.

March 25, 2017 16:30 UTC

Mandy Moore Throws Cold Water On 'Tangled' And 'Frozen' Fan Theory

Fans believe that’s why the newlywed couple make a cameo in “Frozen” as they are obligated to be at Elsa’s coronation ceremony. It’s a rather disturbing theory and Moore, who voices Rupunzel in the Disney Channel’s new “Tangled” TV series, as well as the 2010 movie, was not having it. “That’s a pretty morbid fan theory,” Moore said while looking slightly horrified in an interview with TVLine, published Friday. According to Buck, the king and queen didn’t die on that ship. Together they all lived in a tree house before tragedy struck and the king and queen were eaten by a leopard.

March 25, 2017 16:28 UTC

GameStop to shutter 100+ stores

It's game over for more than 100 GameStop retail locations. The company announced earlier this week that it's shutting down 2% to 3% of its stores. GameStop (GME) currently operates more than 6,600 stores globally, including 4,400 in the United States. Bright spots for GameStop include its non-gaming related brands, like Spring Mobile, and its sales of pop culture collectibles, which are sold at GameStop stores. And earlier this week, Sears (SHLD) -- which also owns Kmart -- said it has "substantial doubt" the company will survive.

March 25, 2017 16:27 UTC

Trump’s Biggest Obstacle to Policy Goals? His Own Missteps

The question for Mr. Trump, he added, is: “Does he learn lessons about Washington deal-making from this debacle?”The answer to that question is not yet clear. Mexico’s president angrily canceled a White House visit amid a feud over Mr. Trump’s plan for a border wall. “He’s having a better presidency than anybody in the Washington media thinks.”And Mr. Trump is not alone in making early missteps. And the effort by his wife, Hillary Clinton, to overhaul health care failed just as spectacularly as Mr. Trump’s did. Does that sound familiar to you?” Mr. Trump asked the crowd, smiling broadly.

March 25, 2017 16:18 UTC

Shoes, Shirts, You Name It, College Basketball Players Get It. Free.

Among the potential difficulties facing college basketball players, being the recipients of too much branded (and free) gear surely qualifies as a first-world problem. Advertisement Continue reading the main storyBut the question eventually becomes: What to do with all of it? Advertisement Continue reading the main storyMoments like those are a big deal for Brent Hibbitts, a sophomore walk-on from Hudsonville, Mich. Advertisement Continue reading the main story“I’m going to be good for basketball shoes for the rest of my life,” Pulliam said. Fowler said he was aware that players at other programs get more free stuff, not that he minds.

March 25, 2017 16:18 UTC

Officer Guilty Of Manslaughter In 'Execution' Of 6-Year-Old

When Louisiana officer Derrick Stafford fired 14 shots into a van driven by an unarmed man with his hands raised, he wound up killing a 6-year-old boy with autism. Stafford, 33, a former Marksville deputy marshal and one of two cops arrested in the 2015 incident, was found guilty of manslaughter and attempted manslaughter Friday in a 10-2 vote by an Avoyelles Parish jury. Christopher Few, the unarmed driver who was also shot, didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to his family. He said he learned about Jeremy’s death when he woke up in the hospital six days after the shooting. Both Stafford and Greenhouse have been sued before over separate claims of excessive force or bad police work.

March 25, 2017 16:18 UTC

Tens of thousands in London protest Britain's EU departure

Tens of thousands protested Saturday under sunny skies in London against plans for Britain to withdraw from the European Union. The Unite for Europe march, which saw many people carrying bright blue EU flags, came just days before Britain is expected to begin its formal separation from the other 27 nations in the EU. The crowds observed a minute of silence at Parliament Square as a tribute to the four victims killed and dozens wounded in an attack Wednesday on Parliament. Prime Minister Theresa May plans to trigger Article 50 of the EU treaty on Wednesday, setting the Brexit process in motion. Britain voted in a June 23 referendum to leave the EU.

March 25, 2017 16:16 UTC

Pig-masked man among burglars to hit Bellagio jewelry store in Las Vegas

Story highlights No one was injured during the burglaryThree suspects are in police custody(CNN) At least three well-dressed masked burglars, carrying sledgehammers, smashed their way into a high-end jewelry store early Saturday at one of Las Vegas' most luxurious hotels. The burglary prompted authorities to lock down parts of the swanky Bellagio Resort & Casino and sent panicked guests rushing outside. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Lt. Carlos Hank said the men were wearing suits and at least one had on a pig mask. Hank added authorities believe one of the men was carrying a gun. Three suspects are in police custody and being interviewed by investigators.

March 25, 2017 16:15 UTC

Paul Ryan Emerges From Health Care Defeat Badly Damaged

Now, Mr. Ryan must tug a ruptured conference toward future agenda items, like overhauling the tax code, made all the more difficult by this initial failure. Its lead headlines on Saturday morning included: “Polls: GOP Legislators Dodged 2018 Headache When Leaders Dropped Ryancare” and “Speaker Ryan Crippled? “I’m certainly not blaming Paul Ryan in the least.”Others grew more wistful, recalling that Mr. Ryan had to be coaxed into seizing the speaker’s gavel in the first place. Several of Mr. Trump’s advisers have for days been casting blame on Mr. Ryan, who is close with the president’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus. Mr. Trump is also known to grow angrier over time, particularly if faced with public embarrassment.

March 25, 2017 16:14 UTC

Trump Becomes Ensnared in Fiery G.O.P. Civil War

In an interview with The New York Times on Friday, Mr. Trump insisted that the administration was “rocking.” The problem, he suggested, was divisions among Republicans. Advertisement Continue reading the main storyThere are “a lot of players, a lot of players with a very different mindset,” Mr. Trump said. And Tom Price, who left Congress to become Mr. Trump’s health and human services secretary, was singled out for blame for the bill’s failure. Mr. Trump brushed aside those concerns in the last few days, and embraced the conventional role as leader of his party. “We all learned a lot — we learned a lot about loyalty,” a solemn Mr. Trump told reporters late Friday.

March 25, 2017 16:11 UTC

New 'Justice League' trailer brings Batman a bit of self-awareness

Can new jokes and three new DC superheroes make audiences fall in love with the new “Justice League” movie? See the most-read stories in Entertainment this hour »Caption Liam Cunningham and Isaac Hempstead on finding the humor in 'Game of Thrones' Liam Cunningham and Isaac Hempstead Wright talk "Game of Thrones" at Comic Con. Liam Cunningham and Isaac Hempstead Wright talk "Game of Thrones" at Comic Con. Caption Liam Cunningham and Isaac Hempstead on finding the humor in 'Game of Thrones' Liam Cunningham and Isaac Hempstead Wright talk "Game of Thrones" at Comic Con. Liam Cunningham and Isaac Hempstead Wright talk "Game of Thrones" at Comic Con.

March 25, 2017 16:07 UTC

NATO Official Sounds Alarm on Russia Libya Role

BRUSSELS—Russia’s role in Libya is causing growing concern at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a senior official said Saturday, with the Kremlin appearing to throw its support behind Gen. Khalifa Haftar, a rival of the United Nations-backed coalition government in Tripoli. “I am very concerned about Russian forces seemingly gathering to influence the situation there. It troubles me very much,” said Rose Gottemoeller, a deputy...

March 25, 2017 16:07 UTC

Ivanka Trump's D.C. neighbors irked by security, parking, garbage

A big part of the complaint: a huge security presence, with even a trip to the playground requiring three vans. The company is renting it to Kushner and Trump, who moved in just after the inauguration of her father, President Donald Trump. The Secret Service has sole responsibility under law for protecting the family, but neighbors have noticed what they describe as an unusually large and aggressive security presence. The department said no permits had been sought for parking exemptions or sidewalk closures on the street since Trump moved in. Even without extra restrictions, street parking for non-residents is limited to two hours.

March 25, 2017 16:07 UTC

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