Sweden Democrats: Trump was right

Two leading Swedish politicians have a message for President Trump’s critics: He’s right. Per Jimmie Akesson and Mattias Karlsson, both leaders of the Sweden Democrats, penned a Wall Street Journal op-ed on Wednesday supporting Trump’s characterization of a Muslim immigrant-led crime crisis in Sweden. Trump did not exaggerate Sweden’s current problems,” Akesson and Karlsson wrote. “Riots and social unrest have become a part of everyday life,” Akesson and Karlsson wrote. Many have left the city, becoming internal refugees in their country of birth.”The Sweden Democrats duo ended the op-ed with a warning for the United States.

February 23, 2017 14:47 UTC

Forbes.com: 4 REITs to Help You 'Sleep Well at Night'

Forbes.com recently offered some sage advice on finding near-perfect real-estate investment trusts (REIT) which will put your financial fears at such ease you’ll sleep well at night. LTC Properties (LTC) is a healthcare REIT that invests primarily in senior housing and long-term healthcare property types, including skilled nursing properties (55.3%), assisted living properties (40.3%), independent living properties, he said. The low leverage and well-laddered maturities provide me with comfort that rising rates will not impact profitability,” he said, noting he own shares in SPG, VTR, and LTC. is a healthcare REIT that invests primarily in senior housing and long-term healthcare property types, including skilled nursing properties (55.3%), assisted living properties (40.3%), independent living properties, he said. The low leverage and well-laddered maturities provide me with comfort that rising rates will not impact profitability,” he said, noting he own shares in SPG, VTR, and LTC.

February 23, 2017 14:47 UTC

Who Exactly Are 'Radical' Muslims?

In fact, Muslims themselves often have different definitions of what it means to be a Salafist. Because they had direct experience with the original Islamic teachings and practices, they are generally respected across the Muslim world. Every week I participated in mosque lessons and Islamic study circles among dozens of Salafist women. Among the French Salafist women I knew, most were the daughters and granddaughters of immigrants from the former French North African colonies. For example, many Salafist women wear the niqab (that covers the face).

February 23, 2017 14:46 UTC

In The Smart Home, Whoever Owns The Hub May Own Retail Too

They get most excited about opportunities to interact with consumers via their mobile phones and even consumers’ own IoT devices (think wearables). Think “operating system for the smart home”, even though it’s a little higher-level than that. Beyond the convenience of seeing who is knocking at your door whether you’re home or not, many of the use-cases of the smart home lead back to retail. Your smart lamp might predict when your light bulb is about to die – or certainly warn you when the light goes out. And right now there are three main companies capable of carrying on a conversation with such smart devices: Apple, Google, and Amazon.

February 23, 2017 14:37 UTC

Political Commentator Alan Colmes Dead At 66

The news comes after Colmes announced in January that he was taking a leave of absence from the network for medical issues . Colmes began his broadcasting career in radio, working for a variety of news stations across the northeastern U.S. Their show, “Hannity & Colmes,” ran until 2009. Hannity took over at the show’s helm while Colmes stayed on at the company as a political commentator and radio host. Hannity called his former sparring partner “one of the nicest, kindest, and most generous people.” Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly said Colmes was “an incredible positive force.”

February 23, 2017 14:35 UTC

D.C. mayor names Peter Newsham as city’s police chief

The District’s mayor on Thursday named Peter J. Newsham, a longtime department veteran, as the city’s permanent police chief to replace Cathy L. Lanier. Newsham, 52, will lead an agency with nearly 3,800 officers and one of the highest profiles in the country. [D.C. mayor close to naming permanent police chief]In selecting Newsham, Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) chose continuity. “When you call us, we will always come, and when we come, we are coming to help,” Newsham said. “Just because things have changed at a federal level, nothing has changed for our city,” Newsham said last month.

February 23, 2017 14:32 UTC

Ecuador to Hold Runoff in Tense Presidential Election

PhotoQUITO, Ecuador — Ecuador will hold a runoff election to choose a successor for President Rafael Correa, the country’s electoral commission ruled, in a vote being closely watched around Latin America. Mr. Moreno led the nine-candidate field in the election on Sunday with 39.4 percent of votes, just short of the 40 percent threshold needed for an outright victory. Mr. Lasso finished second, with 28.1 percent. The electoral authorities had appealed for calm, saying that it would take time to know if a runoff would be necessary. Conservative leaders in Argentina, Brazil and Peru have come to power in the past 18 months, after the end of a commodities boom that had helped bolster leftist candidates like Mr. Correa.

February 23, 2017 14:28 UTC

'Family Matters' star Darius McCrary accused of holding baby daughter over pot of boiling water

Darius McCrary, who played Eddie Winslow on the '90s sitcom "Family Matters," has been accused of a variety of abusive behavior including holding his infant daughter over a pot of boiling water. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, McCrary's wife, Tammy Brawner, made several claims against the actor saying he "is violent, destructive and unstable emotionally." Brawner wrote in the court docs filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court Feb. 15 that McCrary "uses drugs and drinks heavily on a regular basis." She alleged McCrary told her he did not like their daughter "and that he wish[ed] he didn't have her.'" A post shared by Tammy Brawner (@tamstunna) on Jan 2, 2017 at 1:47pm PST"I have no reason to lie on ANYONE about ANYTHING.

February 23, 2017 14:26 UTC

Despite Baidu's Progress, Wall Street Remains Mostly Negative Going Into Earnings Tonight

Baidu, the Chinese search giant, is set to report earnings for its December quarter and for FY16 on Thursday after the closing bell. Wall Street consensus for Q4:16 earnings is for $0.90 per share on revenues of $2.67 billion for the December quarter. For 2016, current consensus is for earnings of $4.05 per share on revenues of $10.2 billion. For the company's current quarter ending in March, the sell-side is estimating earnings of $0.75 per share on revenues of $2.5 billion. For 2017, current consensus is for earnings of $5.64 per share on revenues of $12.38 billion.

February 23, 2017 14:26 UTC

Burberry sculpts new designs inspired by Henry Moore

At one end, a shiny bronze abstracted torso reminds us how Moore and Christopher Bailey (Burberry's chief executive and creative officer,) both Yorkshiremen, are concerned with the human figure. A number of shirts carry reproductions of Moore textile designs, the closest the artist ever came to fashion. Blurring boundariesWhen talking about Moore as an inspiration, Bailey also emphasized the artist's working process and materiality of his sculptures. With a record price of almost £25 million ($31 million) at auction, Moore certainly brings class to Burberry's table. By bringing him headlong into the world of fashion, Bailey is making Moore more relevant to today's market by introducing him to a new audience.

February 23, 2017 14:26 UTC

How To Talk About Your Soul-Sucking Job While You Look For A Better One

You’re looking for a job because your current role crushes your spirit. If you go on and on about a soul-crushing position to anyone else when you’re job searching, it will hold you back. In A Job InterviewThe hiring manager asks you point blank why you’re leaving your current job. Anytime you discuss something negative in your current role, it makes the interviewer wonder if it’s the situation or if it’s you. Since it’s her job to manage risk and avoid bringing on someone who won’t do a good job, complaints about a current role come off as a red flag.

February 23, 2017 14:24 UTC

Roman Reigns Dominates WWE's 10 Most Popular YouTube Videos Of 2016

WWE's YouTube channel has become the go-to place for Roman Reigns fans. With a high volume of content available on the WWE Network, TV and (to a lesser extent) pay-per-view, WWE's YouTube channel is an afterthought to many. According to WWE Corporate, in 2015, "WWE content garnered more than 8 billion views on YouTube; WWE was the most followed sports channel on YouTube and the second most followed sports brand on Facebook." In the first quarter of 2016, WWE reached 11 million subscribers for its YouTube channel, a number that currently sits at more than 14.5 million. According to WWE's investor presentation, "WWE content consumed on social and digital platforms increased 56% to 15B+ video views" in 2016, but Reigns was, far and away, the company's most appealing YouTube star.

February 23, 2017 14:03 UTC

Protests break out after off-duty LAPD officer fires gun in scuffle with teens

(CNN) Protests broke out Wednesday night in Anaheim, California, after an off-duty Los Angeles police officer fired his gun during a confrontation with a teenager. The officer detained the teen, leading to a physical confrontation with other juveniles, police said. In video footage, an adult wearing sunglasses and a teenager shout and scuffle as a crowd of youths gather around to watch. As more teenagers gather around, the adult pulls out a gun and fires a shot. The teenager said the officer then "came at me" and then "shot the gun near me."

February 23, 2017 14:03 UTC

How To Setup The Nintendo Switch For Your Family

Having seen the Nintendo Switch hardware at events and previews I was impressed. But of course the real test would be getting one at home, setting it up and trying it out with the family. From the moment of opening the Switch box to having user, system and parental controls setup was less then 20 minutes. Of course, I need to apply the update when the servers go live but still, I was impressed how quick and easy the Switch was to setup. The biggest surprise was how good the Joy-Cons holstered in the grip felt.

February 23, 2017 14:03 UTC

Barclays Leaves Investors Behind on Road to Recovery

Barclays had much to cheer in a return to profit in 2016. The only disappointment is that investors aren’t getting to share in the recovery yet, even as its bankers are doing just fine. Barclays’ restructuring looks well ahead of rivals Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank. But in investment banking it is still losing revenue despite a big improvement in bond trading and mergers-and-acquisitions advice at the end of 2016.

February 23, 2017 13:52 UTC

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