Republicans running for Va. governor make starkly different pitches

Gillespie, who lives in Fairfax, won with 172 votes. Stewart, who recently lost to Gillespie in a straw poll in his own home county of Prince William, had 120. So the primary contest could hint at whether, early in the Trump presidency, Republicans are still itching for outsiders or now pining for more conventional candidates. The stakes are especially high in Virginia, where Republicans have not won a statewide election since 2009. This is how Trump won.

March 25, 2017 20:13 UTC

Health Bill’s Failure Leaves Supporters in a Political Jam Back Home

He had at first hesitated over the health care proposal, which the Congressional Budget Office projected would lead to 24 million fewer people having health insurance over a decade. Advertisement Continue reading the main story“Anytime you do something like this, it’s unpopular at first,” he said. Democratic strategists said their private polling found the Trump-backed health care bill to be extremely unpopular, a finding mirrored in public opinion surveys. It is unclear whether voters’ anger over health care will be enough help Democrats win a majority in the House next year. Advertisement Continue reading the main storyAnd some voters appeared willing to give their representative a pass on the messy health care process.

March 25, 2017 20:13 UTC

Hollywood Goes Green And Turns A Profit At First-Ever Environmental Media Association Impact Summit

The Environmental Media Association (EMA) kicked off their first-ever IMPACT Summit in Los Angeles with the goal of bringing about awareness and education in the green space. His company turns waste into energy, products and jobs. His company acknowledges there are a few items that can’t be safely recycled: certain titanium and ceramics and radioactive waste. His plan includes principles of conservation, clean energy, green jobs, transportation, livability and job opportunity. “The local people need jobs,” he said.

March 25, 2017 20:03 UTC

Johnny Dawkins Engineers Quick Turnaround at Central Florida

PhotoORLANDO, Fla. — Johnny Dawkins arrived at the University of Central Florida last year with a promise to turn the men’s basketball program around. But instead of planning for Year 2 under Dawkins, the Knights (24-11) are headed to Madison Square Garden for the N.I.T. “Our belief has been in these players from Day 1,” said Dawkins, a former N.B.A. Advertisement Continue reading the main story“It was rocking against Illinois,” White said. Advertisement Continue reading the main storyDawkins has been a coach, a friend and a motivator for his players, his boss said.

March 25, 2017 19:52 UTC

5 Explosive Revelations About Netflix

Netflix’s content benefits from a non-traditional approach, too, as some shows’ creators report that Netflix gives them greater freedom to produce what they want without network executives passing down demands. Making a show with Netflix is like making a “deal with the devil”Flint and Ramachandran write that Netflix requires producers and actors to give the company world-wide rights for long time periods. Netflix is making huge waves with Hollywood because it’s producing so much of its own content. It’s a tricky situation: The original content that makes Netflix so unique is actually threatening the thing that makes up the majority of its viewership. It’s not clear what Netflix can do to repair this fracture with Hollywood, or whether it even wants to.

March 25, 2017 19:52 UTC

LGBTQ Advocates Horrified By Trump Administration's Civil Rights Health Pick

WASHINGTON ―While the nation was fixated on the meltdown of Trumpcare, the Donald Trump administration quietly appointed a former conservative think-tank staffer to head the Civil Rights Office at the Department of Health and Human Services, a move LGBTQ advocates fear will undermine the same civil rights protections the office is supposed to enforce. The civil rights advocates are condemning the appointment of Roger Severino, a former Heritage Foundation staffer, who has argued that same-sex marriage threatens religious liberty and that civil rights protections should not extend to transgender patients. Severino has attacked the way the previous Barack Obama administration enforced civil rights protections for the LGBTQ community, particularly in regards to transgender people. This is especially relevant to his new job, because the civil rights office at HHS is tasked with making sure people have equal access to healthcare. (HHS Secretary Tom Price also has a history of opposing LGBTQ rights.)

March 25, 2017 19:50 UTC

Louisiana marshal convicted in boy's shooting

Story highlights Jeremy Mardis, 6, was killed and his father was woundedThe shooting happened after a police pursuit(CNN) A Marksville, Louisiana, marshal has been found guilty of manslaughter for the shooting of a young boy who was killed in the passenger seat of his father's car after a police pursuit, prosecutors said Saturday. Derrick Stafford was also convicted of attempted murder for the November 2015 shooting that killed 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis and wounded his father, Christopher Few, according to Avoyelles Parish District Attorney Charles Riddle. The Friday evening verdict came after just over three hours of jury deliberations that capped a five-day trial, CNN affiliate WBRZ reported. Stafford took the stand hours before his conviction, testifying that he was defending fellow officers when he opened fire. "It makes me feel horrible," Stafford said of the incident, according to CNN affiliate KALB.

March 25, 2017 19:41 UTC

There Are No Colors In Trump's Cave

Donald Trump’s prism only casts black and bleak shadows on the wall of the cave of denial he has fashioned for himself. In this shadowy cave, Trump sees only his world and no other world, his point of view and no other point of view. What happened to you on Friday, Mr. Trump, was a classic example of personal hubris trying and failing to overcome political will. Listen to members of Congress who pushed back against the health care bill, Mr. Trump. You don’t want to discard your darkened prism for a clear one that spreads the full colors of the American way of life across your cave wall.

March 25, 2017 19:41 UTC

Official 'Justice League' Trailer Shows Off Wonder Woman, Her Sidekicks

When the planet is under attack, there’s only one group of melancholy heroes to count on ― Wonder Woman and her friends. The new “Justice League” trailer dropped Saturday, showing audiences what’s to come in D.C.’s cinematic universe. We’ll watch Wonder Woman unite her powers with superheroes including Batman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg to take on an as-of-yet unknown threat. There’s an attack coming from far away,” Batman tells Wonder Woman. In the meantime, get hyped for the official “Wonder Woman” movie, coming to theaters in June.

March 25, 2017 19:41 UTC

U.S. Coalition Investigating Civilian Deaths in Mosul

1:35Inside New York’s Billionaire BuildingsSome of the world's elite live in a 20-block stretch off Manhattan's Central Park. Four of the most exclusive buildings are 740 Park Avenue, One Beacon Court, 834 Fifth Avenue and 432 Park Avenue. Photo: Andrew Lamberson for The Wall Street Journal

March 25, 2017 19:39 UTC

Mourners pack church, streets for medic struck by ambulance

Arroyo got out of the vehicle and a man darted into the driver's seat and ran her down before crashing into parked cars. The horrific scene was captured on bystander video and shows Williams sobbing in the street over her fallen partner. Nigro said emergency medical technicians do a dangerous job, but Arroyo did it time and time again, even during asthma attacks. Authorities say Gonzalez hopped on the back of the ambulance, then darted into the driver's seat and ran Arroyo down after a man on the street flagged the vehicle down to say Gonzalez had stolen his backpack. The streets outside of St. Nicholas of Tolentine Roman Catholic Church were crowded, where a large viewing large screen was set.

March 25, 2017 19:36 UTC

U.S. acknowledges airstrike in Mosul, where more than 200 Iraqi civilians died

Witnesses said the airstrike killed hundreds of residents on Baghdad Street in west Mosul’s Aghawat Jadidah neighborhood March 17, including many women and young children. Militants have deployed the mobile bombs, in which a driver will blow himself up in the face of advancing Iraqi forces. Deadly airstrike in Mosul kills scores of civilians Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times People move quickly to avoid danger along the destroyed streets in Mosul after an airstrike attributed to the U.S. killed scores of people in Iraqi city. “The people of Mosul will not forget this.”Deadly airstrike in Mosul kills scores of civilians Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times Family members help Iraqi Civil Defense members pull corpses from beneath the rubble in Mosul after airstrikes killed dozens of civilians. (Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times) (Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times)West Mosul residents had complained about civilian casualties from airstrikes in the days leading up to the Jadidah strike.

March 25, 2017 19:35 UTC

'SNL' star doesn't back away from Boston racism comment

"Saturday Night Live" star Michael Che (CHAY) is not backing away from comments he made about Boston, when he called it the "most racist city" he has ever visited. The Boston Globe reports that the co-anchor of "Weekend Update" told a Boston University crowd Thursday about how he received angry messages on social media after he made the comment on "SNL" the night before the Super Bowl. He responded to one woman by urging her to "talk to your closest black friend and ask them to explain it to you." He says the woman responded by answering, "Touche." Che, who often jokes about President Donald Trump on the NBC show, told the audience he never apologizes for language or controversial statements because he's "just trying to be more presidential."

March 25, 2017 19:30 UTC

Ten Easy Ways To Be Better At Your Job

Many of us were raised to think about a job as nothing more than a way to make money. We don't often think of a job as a way to grow personally and professionally, but every job gives us that opportunity. If you don't think about your plan until you arrive at work, you're already behind the curve! Working out your ideas on paper is a wonderful way to see opportunities, pitfalls and challenges for you to surmount. Your job can grow all your muscles and make you fitter, stronger and more resilient, but only if you work with intention.

March 25, 2017 19:30 UTC

Using Sports To Get Out of Poverty Doesn't Work When You Have To Be Rich To Play

Since that conversion, if I may speak for Tom Farrey, as writers and sports parents we have only seen this trend increase. And this is borne out in statistics provided by the NCAA in its Goals Study, which examines the youth sports experiences of its college athletes. In 2016, I noted the study's finding that college athletes tend to start their sporting "careers" early, and specialize in one sport early, usually by the age of 12. Educators call such students “first gens,” or members of the first generation of their family to attend college. ... And the bottom line – that only 14.2 percent of all Division 1 athletes are first gens – most likely overstates their presence.

March 25, 2017 19:30 UTC

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