Many think govt unable to solve country's problems: Nida Poll

Many think govt unable to solve country's problems: Nida PollAn opinion survey carried out by the National Institute for Development Administration, or Nida Poll, reveals that nearly one half of the people polled think the government has not been able to work effectively to solve the country's problems while a much smaller number think otherwise. The poll was conducted on Oct 9-11 on 1,256 people aged 18 and over of various levels of education and occupations throughout the country to gauge their opinons on how well the government, which has been in office for over three months, and the opposition have performed their duties. On the government side, 46.82% thought it has not been able to effectively solve the country's problems; 28.18% said the government has tried its best; 23.41% said most of government MPs still stick to the old-styled habit of putting blames on the other side while claiming support from the people; 9.32% said the government has frequently made mistakes; 8.52% said the government always use the state power to win over the opposition; 6.85% believed it has used the state power for the benefits of the country and the people; 5.97% said most government MPs have been professional in their political roles; 4.78% thought the government is working carefully; 3.11% had no comment; and, 0.16% said it is too soon to make an evaluation. On the opposition side, 28.50% said most of the opposition MPs still stick to old-styed politics; 23..73% said the opposition is performing its duties diligently to solve the country's problems; 20.46% said it is opposing the government on every issue without good reasoning; 15.68% thought it is carefully monitoring the government; 13.06% said the opposition's attention is more on constitutional amendment than on the people's problems; 10.35% said most opposition MPs are performing their duties professionally; 9.39% believed the opposition is paying it attention on the people's problems; 6.21% were uncertain or had no coment; 3.42% said the opposition has frequently made mistakes; and, 0.48% said it is too soon to evaluate it. Asked which between the government and the opposition is performing better, 29.38% said the opposition is doing better; 25.56% said both sides are equally well in performing their duties; 25.08% said the two sides are equally poor in their performances; 17.83% said the government is doing better; and, 2.15% were uncertain or had no comment.

October 13, 2019 03:00 UTC

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