Spare a thought for fallen Leyton Orient | Bangkok Post: news

But after a 112-year stay, the small London club of Leyton Orient have finally dropped into the National League, formerly known as the Conference. If you were to name the most unfashionable London club, Orient would be up there, possibly with Barnet in close pursuit. Noting his background in waste management, one newspaper commented, "Becchetti is turning Leyton Orient into rubbish". In 1946 the name changed to Leyton Orient after the local district, went back to Orient in 1966, but reverted to Leyton Orient in 1987. Orient fans need not totally despair, however.

April 29, 2017 00:11 UTC

PTTOR spin-off plan delayed | Bangkok Post: business

Oil and gas conglomerate PTT Plc says its plan to spin off its fuel retail business and list the company on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has been delayed to next year, mainly because of complicated bureaucratic processes. Some 4,500 shareholders met on Friday and 99.97% of them agreed on the plan to transfer assets to the subsidiary, PTT Oil and Retail Co (PTTOR). PTTOR has registered capital of 8.78 billion baht, with a par value per unit of 100 baht. For its oil retail business overseas, PTTOR wants to manage 500 petrol stations by 2020, including ones in Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and the Philippines. PTTOR reported total sales last year of 484.3 billion baht, down from 510.74 billion in 2015, while net profit last year was 16.13 billion baht, an increase from 9.9 billion.

April 29, 2017 00:11 UTC

Hot-money curbs to remain | Bangkok Post: business

The Bank of Thailand will continue to reduce the quantity of short-term bonds to curb the baht's appreciation. Mr Don said the Thai economy grew better than expected in March and the first quarter, mainly supported by a stronger-than-expected recovery in merchandise exports. On a balance-of-payments basis, Thai merchandise exports reached US$20.8 billion (719 billion baht) in March, up 10.8% year-on-year. Mr Don said Thai merchandise exports in the first quarter grew by 6.6% on a balance-of-payments basis, of which 3.8% was contributed by growth in price while the remaining 2.8% came from growth in quantity. "The recovery momentum of Thai merchandise exports is expected to remain in the next 1-2 months, but greater uncertainty lies ahead from the US trade policy and geopolitical risk in the region," Mr Don said.

April 29, 2017 00:11 UTC

Small is beautiful | Bangkok Post: business

Mr Tatchai resigned from Sansiri in April 2014 because he thought the time was ripe to start his own venture. When he gets a break from the hurly-burly of his projects, Mr Tatchai likes to spend quality time with Gavin. "This plot is very valuable for me and my family because it was where we grew up," Mr Tatchai says. When he gets a break from the hurly-burly of his projects, Mr Tatchai likes to spend quality time with Gavin. They focus on projects sized more than five to 10 rai," says Mr Tatchai, the father of a one-year-old son.

April 29, 2017 00:11 UTC

District chiefs unite over sex-trafficking case | Bangkok Post: news

Mr Boonyarit was speaking after he provided information relating to the case to Col Somjetta Pakdeebandit, a deputy chief of the Mae Hong Son-based Internal Security Operations Command (Isoc). This information came from a witness who was also questioned by the Interior Ministry's disciplinary panel against Mae Hong Son governor Suebsak Iamwicharn on April 27, he said. Uttaradit governor Pipat Ekpaphan, a former governor of Mae Hong Son, chimed in yesterday by using his Facebook page to deny any involvement in the scandal, saying he was elsewhere that day. Mr Boonyarit called this a dereliction of duty. Also yesterday, an Interior Ministry panel led by interior deputy permanent secretary Prayoon Ratanasenee also questioned Mae Hong Son deputy governor Permsak Chaweerak and provincial clerk Jaruek Laoprasert on the matter.

April 29, 2017 00:09 UTC

Rape shows DLT needs to up cabbie vetting | Bangkok Post: opinion

Stricter measures are needed to screen taxi drivers, with more severe punishments for taxi operators that fail to comply with the law. The rape suspect has now been arrested. But it does not change the fact that taxi driver screening needs to be stricter and punishments for taxi operators that fail to comply with laws and regulations must be more severe. The taxi cooperative that let this rape suspect drive without background checks should be reduced in size or closed down, instead of having its expansion plan suspended. A new mobile application, "DLT Taxi OK", is poised to be launched soon to prevent taxi drivers from rejecting passengers or not using the meter.

April 29, 2017 00:00 UTC

WTTC: Tourists can double | Bangkok Post: business

WTTC chairman Gerald Lawless said Thailand could double the number of international tourists again over the next 20 years, having attracted 32.5 million foreign arrivals a year in recent times compared with less than 10 million 17 years ago. "Thailand's growth opportunity is immense because the country has a fantastic tourism industry," Mr Lawless said. In 2017, Thailand tourism is forecast to grow by 6.9% and rise by an average of 6.5% a year over the next decade to 5.9 trillion baht. Mr Lawless said the common travel area and common visa, once in place, will help strengthen the Asean community's tourism competitiveness in the long run. The WTTC report said travel and tourism contribute US$7.2 trillion (249 trillion baht) to global output and support 284 million jobs.

April 29, 2017 00:00 UTC

Cultural diversity helps keep 'Down Under' on top | Bangkok Post: opinion

Since Thailand and Australia began diplomatic relations 65 years ago, the composition of the Australian population has been transformed. Australia has welcomed more than 7.5 million people as migrants, including more than 840,000 under our humanitarian programme since 1945. Australians are proud of our strong and successful multicultural society, and this is no accident. Recent terrorist attacks around the world have justifiably caused concern in the Australian community, as they have in many nations. Our cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths, one that equips us to build a future where everyone belongs and has a chance to live a great life.

April 29, 2017 00:00 UTC

DOA seeks investors in 29 airports | Bangkok Post: news

The private sector is being urged to invest in the development of 29 airports nationwide in a drive to make Thailand an aviation hub for the Asia-Pacific region, Department of Airports (DOA) director-general Darun Saengchai said on Friday. They will be attended by private firms which express an interest in airport investment," he said. After the survey, the department will work on business plans for the 29 airports which will be summarised within two months. Mr Darun said initial talks on airport development were held between the DOA and AoT. The airport development operation will be proposed to the department if the AoT decides to launch the investment plans.

April 29, 2017 00:00 UTC

We all live in a regime submarine | Bangkok Post: opinion

So let's try this scenario: "We could purchase three submarines from China and spend 36 billion baht of taxpayers' money. At least Mr Trump had come through a tough election, and has a limited term. But again, regime supporters don't mind -- I don't think they'd mind if someone got shot in the middle of Ratchadamri Road, metaphorically or literally. That Thaksin was ousted unlawfully was a waste of a chance to defeat him and prove him wrong because, like Mr Trump, he had a limited term. Die-hard military supporters -- and there are still so many -- seem to dismiss the value of such a system.

April 28, 2017 23:48 UTC

Press freedom slumps again | Bangkok Post: opinion

Reporters Without Borders has released its annual ranking and report on the state of press freedom everywhere. Look at countries with more press freedom than Thailand within our region. That would cause next year's international press freedom report to list Thailand at or near North Korea. This year's version refers to junta chief and Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha as a "press freedom predator". In addition to RSF, the annual Freedom House report on world press freedom slags off Thailand.

April 28, 2017 23:48 UTC

Trump threatens to scrap Korea trade deal | Bangkok Post: news

He blamed the US-Korean trade deal, known as Korus, on his 2016 Democratic presidential election opponent, Hillary Clinton, who as secretary of state promoted the final version of the trade pact before its approval by Congress in 2011. "It's a horrible deal, and we are going to renegotiate that deal or terminate it." Asked when he would announce his intention to renegotiate the deal, Trump said: "Very soon. South Korea's foreign ministry said Seoul would continue to explain to the Trump administration the benefits of the free trade deal. "I informed South Korea it would be appropriate if they paid.

April 28, 2017 13:52 UTC

Muslim women urge Jakarta to end child marriage | Bangkok Post: news

JAKARTA: Indonesia's main Muslim women's group has issued an edict against child marriage, urging the government of the world's most populous Muslim nation to increase the legal minimum age for females to marry from 16 to 18 years. The Congress of Indonesian Women Ulema said the religious edict, or fatwa, was decided at a three-day meeting that ended on Thursday in the West Java town of Cirebon. The fatwa, which has no legal force but is influential, urges the government to amend its 1974 Law on Marriage to raise the minimum marriage age. The law currently sets a minimum age of 21 years, but with parents' consent, boys are allowed to marry from age 19 and girls from 16. Unicef, the United Nations children's agency, welcomed the edict, describing it as a landmark moment in efforts to end child marriage in Indonesia, where one in four women marries before age 18.

April 28, 2017 13:07 UTC

US economic growth slows | Bangkok Post: news

Economists were largely expecting a weak growth figure, calling it a blip and not a sign of stagnation. Analysts’ estimates call for just 2.2% to 2.3% annual growth through 2019, just above the average pace during the almost eight-year expansion. Residential investment added 0.5 points to growth. The change in inventories, one of the most volatile parts of the GDP calculation, subtracted 0.93 points from growth, following a 1.01% gain. Trade added slightly to growth, as exports increased by more than imports during the quarter.

April 28, 2017 12:56 UTC

Work world of the future: Micro-work & portfolio careers | Bangkok Post: learning

WORK & CREATIVITYWork world of the future: Micro-work & portfolio careersContrast a life of micro -jobs, gigs and projects with a 40-year long career inside one company. Portfolios can likewise be extended to other work areas to highlight skills and successful application of these skills in work. THE PORTFOLIO CAREERThe idea of a "portfolio career" focuses on skill sets and work experience. BEEN AROUND FOR A WHILE, SET TO BECOME THE NORMWhat career planners envision is that this "portfolio career" could become the norm, not an exception. A career portfolio becomes at once both the expression and documentation of these goals and their realization in work.

April 28, 2017 12:39 UTC

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