Suu Kyi discusses Rakhine with UN inspector

Lee mentioned clearance operations and humanitarian assistance in Rakhine State. She visited Myitkyina and three refugee camps in Kachin State. Lee held talks with the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission in Yangon on Rakhine State and her prisons visits. In Rakhine State she met Muslim and government representatives. She visited In Koetankauk police station in Rathedaung Township, Buthidaung prison, Maungdaw villages, Sittwe prison and Shwezadi monastery.

January 19, 2017 02:15 UTC

KNU chief calls for relaxed laws

The national-level political dialogue for Kayin State was held at the Thiri Hpa-An hotel in Hpa-An. Mutu Say Pho said similar talks needed to be held elsewhere to help build a peace deal and an inclusive federal union. National reconciliation is the lifeblood for the sustainable improvement of our peace processes,” he added. The eight ceasefire signatories were the KNU, Restoration Council of Shan State, Pa-O National Liberation Organisation, Chin National Front, KNLA Peace Council, Democratic Karen Benevolent Army, All Burma’s Students Democratic Front and Arakan Liberation Party. The non-signatories included the United Wa State Army, National Democratic Alliance Army, National Socialist Council of Nagaland in Khaplang, Kachin Independence Army, Karenni National Progressive Party, New Mon State Party, Shan State Progress Party, Ta'ang National Liberation Army, Wa National Organisation, Arakan Army and Lahu Democratic Union.

January 19, 2017 02:13 UTC

US sues Oracle alleging discrimination in pay

The administrative lawsuit also challenges Oracle's practice of "favoring Asian workers in its recruiting and hiring practices" for key technical jobs, saying it discriminates against non-Asian applicants. The agency said Oracle refused to comply with the "routine requests for employment data and records," and that officials "attempted for almost a year to resolve Oracle's alleged discrimination violations before filing the suit." The company said: "Oracle values diversity and inclusion, and is a responsible equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. Our hiring and pay decisions are non-discriminatory and made based on legitimate business factors including experience and merit." The nine-page complaint said Oracle paid white makes more than their counterparts in the same job title.

January 19, 2017 01:44 UTC

Developers rush to build 'mosquito flats' in HK | Bangkok Post: business

Manman Luk, a freelance model and make up artist, poses inside her 100-square-foot (9-square-metre) mini flat in Hong Kong. Nearly 200,000 Hong Kong residents like him call a wire cage or bed in partitioned apartments their home. Property prices have surged nearly 50% to historic highs since he took office, according to government data, and tiny living spaces have become increasin gly common. There are no legal guidelines in Hong Kong restricting how small apartments can be, nor any on rent control. "Mini flats" or "mosquito flats" are a growing trend as developers target first-time buyers who have given up hope of ever owning a decent-sized home.

January 19, 2017 01:06 UTC

Mana Patanakarn allots B1.6bn for new projects | Bangkok Post: business

Mana Patanakarn Co, a property development subsidiary of SET-listed contractor Nawarat Patanakarn Plc, plans to launch two new residential projects worth a combined 1.6 billion baht in 2017. The company is also interested in the community mall business, planning to start with a small-scale site near its residential projects to support its housing customers. The developer aims to boost its revenue contribution to 10% of the contractor's total revenue next year, he said. Founded in 2013, Mana Patanakarn raised registered capital from 600 million baht to 800 million in 2015 to support its business expansion. Mr Pasan, also Nawarat Patanakarn's senior vice-president of new business & strategic planning, said the contractor projects new construction jobs worth 10 billion baht this year from the 180 billion baht worth of projects in which it bid.

January 19, 2017 00:51 UTC

Ford updates Mustang for 2018 | Bangkok Post: auto

Iconic muscle car gets design tweaks, new digital instrument panel and 10-speed automatic transmission. It looks sleeker and meaner…That’s exactly how Ford wants the Mustang to look like in the eyes of enthusiasts. The tweaked looks come in line with the Mustang’s update that also includes other changes made to the iconic muscle car. And as ever, you would have to head for independent importers as the Thai Ford office has yet to make official imports of the Mustang. Some of those importers have been selling the pre-facelift Mustang with starting prices of some 4.5 million baht.

January 19, 2017 00:49 UTC

Muslim nations to heap pressure on Myanmar over Rohingya

Nearly 70,000 Rohingya have fled the northern part of Rakhine state since October when the Myanmar army launched "clearance operations" to root out insurgents accused of deadly raids on police border posts. Arriving in neighbouring Bangladesh, the displaced Rohingya have recounted allegations of widespread military abuse including rape, extrajudicial killings and the burning of villages. "The OIC meeting is expected to call on the Myanmar government to help end the violence against the Rohingya Muslims," a Southeast Asian diplomat familiar told AFP. The plight of the Rohingya has put Myanmar's democracy champion and de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi under immense international pressure. Premier Najib's intervention in the crisis has angered Myanmar which considers the violence in Rakhine state an internal matter.

January 19, 2017 00:41 UTC

FDA calls for drug firms to declare costs | Bangkok Post: news

Efficient drug price controls should be strictly enforced to reduce overpricing caused by the dominant market position enjoyed by some drug companies, which impedes public access to medicine, a seminar has been told. Siriwat Tiptaradol, former secretary of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), suggested the Department of Internal Trade (DIT) strictly enforce price control measures, with pharmaceutical companies told to declare details of the cost of each drug manufactured. He was speaking at a seminar on "10 years of compulsory licence implementation and access to essential medicines" on Tuesday in Bangkok. It should be more balanced as it currently gives importance to business, rather than health and public access to medicine, he said. However, one study suggested CL doesn't result in many trade sanctions being imposed on governments which impose it in the long term.

January 19, 2017 00:38 UTC

Netflix adds 7 million subscribers in global expansion

California-based Netflix said in its quarterly report Wednesday it ended the year with nearly 94 million subscribers, adding five million outside the United States in the last three months of the year. Netflix added nearly 20 million new customers globally in the full year after announcing last January its plan to expand to some 190 countries to become a "global television network." Netflix said its expects to see strong growth ahead even as it faces more competitors such as Amazon, which is also expanding globally. The letter said Netflix expects 5.2 million new customers globally, including 3.7 million outside the US in the first quarter. The expansion drive has meant that nearly half -- 47 percent -- of Netflix users are now outside the United States, a proportion expected to increase as it adds more customers.

January 19, 2017 00:38 UTC

Google grabs Twitter app platform Fabric

Twitter last year was in talks to sell itself with several firms including Google parent Alphabet, but without a deal decided to continue on an independent path, cutting jobs and refocusing on its core services. The sale of Fabric will shift to Google the platform used by developers for mobile apps. "When we launched Fabric in 2014, our goal was to provide the best tools to help developers create amazing apps," the Fabric team said in a blog post. "Today we enter the next chapter for Fabric and are pleased to announce that we've signed an agreement for Fabric to be acquired by Google and for our team to join Google's Developer Products Group, working with the Firebase team." Google Firebase product manager Francis Ma said buying Fabric will "continue the great work that Twitter put into the platform," adding that "our missions align closely: help developers build better apps and grow their business."

January 19, 2017 00:38 UTC

Index Creative wins Expo Astana contract | Bangkok Post: business

Index Creative Village's Thailand Pavilion model, designed for "Astana Expo 2017" in Astana, Kazakhstan. Index Creative Village Plc's bid has won the Energy Ministry contract to build Thailand's pavilion at Expo Astana 2017 in Kazakhstan. Expo Astana 2017, organised by the International Exhibitions Bureau under theme "Future Energy", will be held between June 10 and Sept 10. "Thailand has been given an area of 934 sq m. This is another world-class event for Thailand after attending World Expo 2016 in Milan and World Expo 2010 in Shanghai," Mr Kreingkrai said. The event is considered one of the world's major crowd-pullers, along with the Olympic Games, Fifa World Cup and World Expo.

January 19, 2017 00:25 UTC

Foodie fiesta | Bangkok Post: travel

An odd combination of produce, one may think, but they do catch the eye of first-time visitors to San Juan market in Mexico City. San Juan Market is officially known as Ernesto Pugibet Market. Like Bangkok's Or Tor Kor market, San Juan Market has a raised floor covered with white tiles and platforms for vendors to display their products. "There are not many people who think about Mexico and cheese, but we have very good cheese," says the guide. San Juan Market is where visitors can try local and authentic food, as well as associate with friendly locals.

January 19, 2017 00:25 UTC

10m set to sign up for next round of e-welfare scheme | Bangkok Post: business

People register for the government’s welfare scheme for poverty at Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives in the first round of registration. (Bangkok Post file photo)Around 10 million people are expected to sign up for the next round of the government's welfare and subsidy scheme for the poor through the national e-payment database, which is scheduled to launch in April. Some 8.27 million people signed up through the national e-payment database at Krungthai Bank, the Government Savings Bank and the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperative in the first round last year. Mr Somchai said those who register with the scheme in the second round are expected to get discounts for utilities, including electricity and water, and public bus fares. The Finance Ministry will call a meeting with parties related to the national e-payment scheme next week to outline the registration process to prevent recurring problems from arising.

January 19, 2017 00:23 UTC

In the Pink City | Bangkok Post: travel

So are the must-sees in Jaipur like the City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Jai Mahal, Jaigarh Fort and Govind Devji Temple. Since pink also denotes the colour of hospitality, in 1876 the entire city was painted in pink to welcome the Prince of Wales. Jantar Mantar is the largest of the five astronomical observatories built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in 1727 besides Delhi, Ujjain, Varanasi and Matura. Pichaya SvastiLocated within the city walls, the City Palace was commissioned by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh and extended by later rulers. Pichaya SvastiGovind Devji Temple, or the Krishna temple, is near City Palace.

January 19, 2017 00:21 UTC

Gaysorn Village opens doors | Bangkok Post: business

Gaysorn Property announced the establishment of Gaysorn Village, an urban lifestyle village near the Ratchaprasong intersection, intended to compete with leading malls in other areas. Gaysorn Village comprises Gaysorn shopping centre, Gaysorn Tower, which is due to open in September, Amarin Plaza and Amarin Tower. Fafuen Temboonkiat, the company's managing director, said Gaysorn Village comprises a total of 180,500 square metres of retail and office space. Of the total, 41,500 sq m is at Gaysorn shopping centre, 63,000 sq m at Gaysorn Tower, 55,000 sq m at Amarin Plaza and 21,000 sq m at Amarin Tower. Mr Charn said Gaysorn Village has been connected with the Ratchaprasong Walk and Gaysorn Walk to offer visitors access to Pratunam market.

January 19, 2017 00:12 UTC

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