The only radio ham in Taiwan for 25 years

The only radio ham in Taiwan for 25 years Tim Chen BV2A was famous among amateur radio enthusiasts as the only person allowed to operate in Taiwan until 1985, when the government started issuing more licensesThe Tapei Times reports:Until 1985, Taiwan’s amateur (ham) radio scene consisted of one person: Tim Chen ( 陳實忻 ), who held the country’s only license due to Martial Law era restrictions. According to a Liberty Times (the sister newspaper of the Taipei Times) report, this resulted in the unusual situation where Taiwan Garrison Command had to establish a set of amateur radio regulations just for him. Since there was nobody else in Taiwan to talk to, Chen connected with people around the world, using Morse code at first via his station BV2A, and gaining voice communication capabilities in 1974 through BV2B. Chen was strictly forbidden to speak with anyone in China or the Soviet Union, but he enjoyed much popularity as the world’s only BV (Taiwan’s country code) station operator — so much so that US senator and fellow ham enthusiast Barry Goldwater K7UGA specifically requested to tour Chen’s two stations when he visited Taiwan in 1986. Read the full Taipei Times story at has three classes of license:Class 1 1500w - 50 question exam, pass mark 40Class 2 600w - 40 question exam, pass mark 32Class 3 25w VHF/UHF - 35 question exam, pass mark 25Frequencies question pool

February 18, 2019 08:48 UTC

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