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Uribe demands changes to Colombia peace deal

Thursday, October 6, 2016 Uribe demands changes to Colombia peace dealColombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos talks during a press conference after a meeting with former president and Senator Álvaro Uribe at Nariño Palace in Bogotá, yesterday. Without giving any concrete proposals, Uribe, 64, said Santos had shown he was disposed to changes. Uribe, a former lawyer and cattle rancher, opposed Santos’ peace talks from the start and said the final deal, which was reached in August after four years of painstaking negotiations in Havana, gave too many concessions to the rebels. A senior US State Department official said yesterday the government and rebels are committed to dialogue to reach agreement. The official also said it was too soon to discuss US plans to send Colombia hundreds of millions of dollars in aid intended to support the country as the peace deal went into effect.

Source: Bueno Aires Herald October 06, 2016 04:06 UTC