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Up at 3.30am as Cork city comes to life

In an ideal scenario, he is in bed by 8pm and gets up to start his day at 3.30am. Conal's second novel, Begotten Not MadeBegotten Not Made is a kind of fairytale for the 21st century where miraculous cures happen, saintly apparitions are seen and a homing pigeon achieves death-defying feats. Cónal started writing this story almost immediately after the publication of his debut novel, Passion Play in 1999. AUTHOR: Conal Creedon, who has launched his second novel, ‘Begotten Not Made’. It wasn’t really a step away from the church; it was just a step towards something else.”For Cónal, the writing life is all-consuming.

Source: Evening echo November 09, 2018 09:11 UTC