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US Senate slams Trump over Khashoggi , Yemen

US Senate slams Trump over Khashoggi , YemenBy The Manila Timeshome/News/World/US Senate slams Trump over Khashoggi , YemenWASHINGTON D. C.: In back-to-back votes against Saudi Arabia, the Senate delivered an unusual rebuke of President Donald Trump’s response to the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and signaled new skepticism from Capitol Hill toward the longtime Middle East ally. It also marked the collapse of the Trump administration’s effort in the Senate to contain fallout from the gruesome killing. Pompeo noted that the United States has taken action against some Saudis implicated in the murder, banning them from traveling to the US. One of the Senate measures recommended that the US end its assistance to Saudi Arabia for the war in Yemen. Both had been vigorously opposed by the Trump administration and threatened with a presidential veto.

Source: Manila Times December 15, 2018 17:48 UTC