The contradictions of trashing Mocha Uson while edifying a dog and empowering people through art

THE killing of a dog in an otherwise artistic and political masterpiece like “Oro” seems to have triggered pathological contradictions. More blatant are those who protest the killing of the dog, but approve of the killing of suspected drug addicts. And it has something to do with Mocha Uson, specifically her appointment to the Movies and Television Review and Classification Board, or MTRCB. Mocha Uson has created a character in this world as a loose woman, but that does not make her one in real life. They think Mocha Uson will be unable to perform her task of looking into the substance of art in films, while they themselves fail to go beyond her facade just because they disagree with her politics.

Source:   Manila Times
January 11, 2017 16:31 UTC