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The Autonomy-Tenured Discourse: Legality vs Expediency

The constitutional mandate positioning the speaker as the third in succession where the president and vice president are incapacitated simultaneously (Article 64 LIB Const. He exudes the authority to appoint and dismiss government officials within the executive as indicated in the constitution (Article 54&55 LIB Const.). He is authorized to extend the session of the legislature (yes for real) and call for a special sitting (Article 32b LIB Const.). “Tenure vs autonomy” or “tenure and autonomy”It is important to clarify the mystifications enmeshed in the relationships of autonomy and tenured positions. Is it fair and smart to say that tenure breeds autonomy or autonomy is unachievable unless tenure is attached?

Source: Front Page Africa November 04, 2018 23:03 UTC