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Subte Symphony: The Sounds of the Underground

Yet, Buenos Aires is also renowned for its thriving underground scene, and accessing this can be as easy as taking a ride on the nearest subte line. As Latin America’s oldest underground transport system – and the dreaded nemesis of both rush hour commuters and B Line users – the Buenos Aires subte is also home to one of the city’s more diverse live music scenes. For some artists, the subte represents the irresistible opportunity for development, daily practice, and consistent performance to a daily audience of up to 1m commuters. “Here [in the subte] you have to request permission to play. As one of the very few (if only) classically trained harpists to perform on the subte, César Legrine falls into a class of special performers that are hard to miss.

Source: The Argentina Independent November 29, 2016 17:01 UTC