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South Africa, prepare for more cyber attacks

Cyber security solutions firm Fortinet has issued a stern warning to South African businesses and organisations: prepare for an escalation in cyberattacks as digital criminals expand targets to home network devices and mobile devices. Fortinet recently released the findings of the 2017 Global Enterprise Security Survey, which, for the first time, included South Africa. IT security spendPaul Williams, country manager – Southern Africa at Fortinet, said based on information from the survey, IT security spend on security has increased as has knowledge of the prevalence of cyber security attacks like malware and ransomware. Williams explained that while there are parallels that the rest of Africa can draw from the South Africa findings, it is necessary to take a country-specific approach. And also some of the countries in between that the answer is really 40% or 30%, because the maturity value of the security personnel and the understanding cyber security in those countries is very low."

Source: The North Africa Journal November 14, 2017 10:41 UTC