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Singer sees radical vision in black spirituals

Singer sees radical vision in black spiritualsNew York, United States- Growing up with a love of African American spirituals, M. Lamar sensed there was a powerful, even radical, undertone to the gospel music tradition. In his piece "Funeral Doom Spiritual," Lamar brings his darkly operatic countertenor voice to a new imagining of the songs -- set 100 years in the future in a world ruled by white supremacists. "Funeral Doom Spiritual" -- composed with Hunter Hunt-Hendrix of metal band Liturgy -- is part of New York's annual Prototype festival of experimental opera and will appear Friday and Saturday at Brooklyn's avant-garde National Sawdust venue. For Lamar -- the twin brother of "Orange is the New Black" star and transgender trailblazer Laverne Cox -- the apocalyptic nature of black spirituals made "perfect sense" as the Bible was generally the only permitted text for slaves. "It is a form of terrorism, really, for any black person to have to see that."

Source: The China Post January 11, 2017 18:00 UTC