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Sharshari children murder suspect surrenders

The Criminal Investigation Agency - the western branch, confirmed through its Facebook page that one of the most prominent suspects in the killing of Sharshari children turned himself over to the Agency on Saturday. The Agency identified the defendant as “Lutfi Bougaraara”, an 18-year-old teenager, who it said, was one of the most important suspects in the murder of Al-Sharshari children without giving more details on the case. The Criminal Investigation Agency reaffirmed last Sunday that the investigation into the abduction and killing of the children of Al-Sharshari is continuing, clarifying that the main suspect in the case, Al-Nimri Al-Mahjoubi is doing well and is receiving treatment in hospital after being wounded during a raid on his gang, which resulted in the killing of four of his brothers.

Source: Libya Observer April 15, 2018 15:45 UTC