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Red-eared terrapin: Evasive and Invasive

The Global Invasive Species Database notes red-eared terrapin to be an environmental pest outside its home range as they effectively compete for food, nesting sites and basking areas with native species. He says that upto now, populations of red-eared terrapin have mainly been found in Colombo, Gampaha and Kalutara areas. Hence, one of the only ways to spot red-eared terrapin remains when at 10 am in the morning, it basks in the sun. An exotic invasionGunawardana adds that the red-eared terrapin displays invasive and predatory behaviour in most countries. Indeed, Richard Aaron Gibbs states in his study,An Assesment of Environmental Impacts of Red-eared Slider Introduction (2017) that half of the Australian continent is at risk due to expansion of red-eared terrapin populations, with Queensland, Australia establishing red-eared terrapin eradication programmes.

Source: Sunday Observer October 06, 2018 19:07 UTC