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Predator roaming in plain sight - Nation

PETALING JAYA: Kembara Kitchen founder William Cheah felt something was amiss when a 14-year-old soup kitchen volunteer told him she did not want to work with a specific 36-year-old male volunteer. In another message involving a 19-year-old volunteer, the man repeatedly asked to meet the girl despite her numerous objections. “Never did I expect an adult regular volunteer, known in the activist community, to behave in such a manner,” Cheah said. NGOs already knew of his behaviour, but did not inform the rest of us in the community,” Cheah said. Related stories:I’m just misunderstood, says grooming suspect‘Beware the guy who says you’re his little sister’Still preying on young girls on FB after 10 years

Source: The Star November 07, 2018 23:10 UTC