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Political leadership seeks to empower women: first lady

There must be political, economic and social action to support gender equality, Egypt’s first lady Entessar al-Sisi said on Tuesday, stressing that the political leadership of the Egyptian state is making a strong effort to empower Egyptian women. “Today I was honored to attend a session on reducing the gender gap, one of the most important challenges in the world,” she wrote on her Facebook page. Morsy added that the National Council for Women provides material support of LE20 billion in the form of training and awareness programs for women that reduce the gender gap significantly. According to Saeed, this wonderful model is the presidential program for the rehabilitation of youth for leadership, which trains women to reach leadership positions. The most important factors for the empowerment of women is providing economic support that in turn provides good education and training programs.

Source: Egypt Independent November 07, 2018 14:03 UTC