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Plasticizers posing health risk to Taiwanese: doctor

Staff Writer, with CNAPeople in Taiwan are highly exposed to plasticizers, which pose a risk to reproductive health and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, a health expert said on Friday. A study that he conducted at a Taipei elementary school found similar results, Su said. DEHP can enter the human body through skin contact, eating or drinking contaminated food or by breathing contaminated air, he said. Although the substance can be metabolized in about two to three days, prolonged exposure can harm the body, Su said, urging the government to introduce regulations to reduce household exposure to plasticizers. He advised people to reduce the use of plastic products, such as toys, floor mats and wallpapers, and warned against using plastic wraps when reheating food in microwave ovens.

Source: Taipei Times May 25, 2019 15:56 UTC