Penthouse Offers $1 Million For Compromising Trump Tapes

Penthouse magazine has offered up a major payday for anyone who can produce a supposed compromising video of President-elect Donald Trump that was alluded to in a series of memos written by a former British spy. ATTENTION: We are offering up to $1-million for exclusive rights to the FSB tapes of Donald Trump's #goldenshowersThe soft-core porn magazine promised up to $1 million for a video that was allegedly recorded by Russian intelligence agencies when Trump was in Moscow. There is no evidence to suggest such a video actually exists. CNN first reported on Tuesday that both Trump and President Barack Obama had been briefed by top intelligence officials about claims that Russian spies had “compromising personal and financial information” about the president-elect. The claims, which BuzzFeed published in full, came from a dossier compiled by the former spy ― but dozens of journalists criticized BuzzFeed’s decision to publicize them, as they had already been reported before, contain obvious errors and have not been independently verified.

Source:   Huffington Post
January 11, 2017 06:45 UTC