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PYJ Describes TRC Report as ‘Fraudulent’

In a live video conversation with Mac Jabateh at his (PYJ’s) church in Paynesville recently, Johnson said Jerome Verdier’s TRC report is full of contradictions and it is not worth being taken seriously. PYJ said it is mockery for the same TRC report which said earlier that he, Johnson, was a good man to again say he committed crimes against humanity and, as such, he should be tried by a tribunal. “I am not afraid because I know I am a free man and will remain a free man,” he boasted. So I am a free man as far as I am concerned,” he said. “I will be a free man if I take these documents to any war crimes court.”PYJ said he wrote the TRC at some point in time questioning its report on him, which he termed as a fraudulent report, but no reply came his way from the Commission.

Source: Daily Observer November 08, 2018 02:32 UTC