Not such a happy new year for North Africa - News Summed Up

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Not such a happy new year for North Africa

The North Africa Journal: January 11, 2018- The new year started off on the wrong foot for North African nations, and the seeds of discontent for the years to come have been sown. Signs of a stabilizing North Africa are nowhere to be found. In Sirte, the oil pipeline of al-Zuqut al-Sidra, a unit of Waha Oil, exploded after an attack attributed to Islamic State militants. Tlemcen, near the border with Morocco, was the most serious incident, considering the arrest of six individuals over alleged their ties to the Islamic State. In the same province, militants killed two people, including a policeman, at a bank in the town of El-Arish.

Source: The North Africa Journal January 11, 2018 19:52 UTC