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Nation not buying Nicaraguan bonds: MOFA

Yui said the allegation stemmed from a report by the Nicaraguan weekly Confidencial, and that shortly after the article’s publication, Ambassador to Nicaragua Wu Chin-mu (吳進木) in an interview with the paper denied the rumors. Taiwan has maintained several cooperation projects with Nicaragua, but it has no plans to purchase the Central American nation’s bonds, Yui quoted Wu as saying in the interview published on Sunday last week. Citing two diplomatic sources, Confidencial on Oct. 26 reported that Taiwan would buy the bonds to help cover a drop in government revenue due to an ongoing political crisis facing the administration of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega. “Currently, the situation in Nicaragua has gradually stabilized and Taiwan will continue to pay close attention to the matter,” Yui said. The two nations resumed diplomatic ties in 1990 after Ortega, who was also president at the time, switched recognition to Beijing in 1985.

Source: Taipei Times November 06, 2018 15:56 UTC