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Monrovia Threatened by Rising Sea Level, Others

According to the release, the study was conducted by Coasts, Deltas and Rivers (CDR) International under the Monrovia Climate Resilient Program (MMCRP), funded by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) High Level Inception Meeting. CDR is a fully independent coastal, river and port engineering and consultancy firm which has its roots in the Netherlands. CDR founder, Dirk Heijboer, said that Monrovia is extremely vulnerable to Sea Level Rise and that there is a critical need to develop protection measures in order to reduce the impact of climate change. In a PowerPoint presentation at the ceremony, which was intended to launch the preliminary assessment report, Heijboer said that the city faces several threats, including sea level rise, changes in the wave climate and wave height. Heijboer explained further that the sea is aggressive and need intervention to avert a potential disaster.

Source: Daily Observer November 08, 2018 02:26 UTC