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Mindef has no problem with 'pantun' - Mohamad Sabu

JAKARTA: Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu today said there was no problem to use the Malay ‘pantun’ (verses) at his ministry’s events, but it should suit the occasion. “No problem, come to our events, celebrating the veterans, dinners, entertain them with ‘pantun’. “However, there are places and times when ‘pantun’ is unsuitable, you can’t possibly do the ‘pantun’ while marching in parade,” he said. The memo said MAF official events were regimental in nature and its execution must be conducted with protocol and military ethics. Earlier, in a separate event, Mohamad paid a courtesy call to Indonesian Defence Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu, in conjunction with the Indo Defence 2018 Exhibition here.

Source: New Strait Times November 08, 2018 14:26 UTC