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Malcorra UN bid stalls, Guterres cements lead

Saturday, September 10, 2016 Malcorra UN bid stalls, Guterres cements leadForeign Minister Susana Malcorra failed to advance her bid to become the next United Nations Secretary General yesterday, though she remained in the race, placing fifth after the results of the latest straw poll of UN Security Council members were made public soon after the vote. Malcorra, who formerly served as Ban’s chef de cabinet at the UN, garnered seven “encourage” votes, seven “discourage” votes and one abstention — an identical result to the previous round of voting. Lajcak’s candidacy surged in the previous straw poll from two “encourage” votes in the second round to nine in the third round. Malcorra said while attending a UN conference on peacekeeping in London earlier this week that she had not received any “discourage” votes from any of the P5 so far. However, certain traditional conventions have influenced previous votes.

Source: Bueno Aires Herald September 10, 2016 00:45 UTC