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Liberia: Weah Cautioned Over Tenured Bill

Last week, President Weah submitted before the 54th Legislature a bill calling for the cancellation of tenured positions within the Executive Branch of Government. Some tenured positions include NASSCORP, Liberia Revenue Authority, Liberia Telecommunications Authority, Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission, Central Bank of Liberia, LEITI, amongst others. Mr. Nyei said these commissions are task with specific responsibilities of fighting corruption and ensuring adherence to standards that promote good governance in the public service. “Obviously, they are resented by politicians because they work to limit opportunities for reckless discretion and abuse of power in public service. In this light, he said it is important for President Weah to reconsider his decision, and recall that bill for the good of the public service.

Source: Front Page Africa November 05, 2018 00:11 UTC