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Liberia: ‘Disadvantaged Youths’ Cry for Support

Themah WalkerDuazon, Lower Margibi – Disadvantaged youths, who are referred to as ‘zogos,’ in the Duazon Community, Lower Margibi County, have alarmed over what they called “inhumane treatment by state security” against them. He disclosed that heroin or ‘tide’ and cocaine are the two most common illegal drugs that many youths in Liberia are hooked on. He called on the government to follow emulate P-Tech’s example of trying to keep disadvantaged youths busy and away from streets. Emmanuel Giddings frowned on state security for raiding disadvantaged youths without putting into place the necessary mechanisms that will rebuild their lives. Few days to Christmas, officers of the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (DEA) and police raided disadvantaged youths in in the Duazon Community.

Source: Front Page Africa January 11, 2019 00:14 UTC