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KMT lawmakers, fishers criticize Fisheries Agency

Speaking at a news conference at the legislature in Taipei, KMT caucus deputy secretary-general Ko Chih-en (柯志恩) accused the Fisheries Agency of acting on political considerations rather than in fishers’ interests when it comes to disputes in the overlap between Taiwan’s and Japan’s exclusive economic zones. Under a president that “ingratiates herself with Japan,” not only did the agency not defend Taiwanese fishers’ rights, it imposed heavy fines on them, which often totaled NT$500,000 or NT$1 million, Ko said. KMT Legislator Arthur Chen (陳宜民) said the amendments were implemented without any grace period, adding that the NT$124.5 million in fines the Fisheries Agencies has levied on fishers under the amendments had left them desperate. He accused the agency of exploiting the law to fine fishers. Fishermen Self-help Association director-general Wang Hsin-chan (王新展) said many fishers who have been fined have had trouble making ends meet, tearing up as he spoke.

Source: Taipei Times November 06, 2018 15:56 UTC