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High school kids a menace on roads: study

High school students are the most likely among adolescents to be killed in traffic accidents due to their “unsafe behaviour on roads”, found researchers from the Vietnamese-German University. Students in high school (grades 10 through 12) were the most susceptible adolescents in Việt Nam, with nearly 33 road deaths per 100,000 adolescents. Traffic accidents cause losses of US$5-12 billion per year, while total damage from traffic accidents is expected to be $130 billion for 2015-2030. Hùng said the Law on Road Traffic should be amended and a national database on traffic accidents be created. Under the Việt Nam-Belgium research framework, and with the support of the National Traffic Safety Committee of Việt Nam and Việt Nam’s Traffic Safety Association, a Network of Excellence (NoE) on Traffic Safety for Việt Nam was launched last year.

Source: Viet Nam News April 03, 2019 01:52 UTC