Fire prompts Ko to tackle issue of illegal structures - News Summed Up

Fire prompts Ko to tackle issue of illegal structures

Ko told reporters that he was considering abolishing Chen’s administrative order that allowed illegal structures or modifications erected before 1995 to be registered with the city government and temporarily exempted them from demolition. Most illegal structures in Taipei predate Dec. 31, 1994, he said, adding: “I think it is inappropriate for every mayor to keep saying that illegal cases that occurred before he took office can be allowed to circumvent regulations. So, I am considering nullifying the ‘special pardon’ granted by Chen.”Chen took office as Taipei mayor on Dec. 24, 1994. However, illegal structures built in 1995 or later would be classified into three groups, with those that are considered major illegal structures or that pose a grave danger to the public to be demolished first, he said. A contributing factor to the fire was that an illegal rooftop addition above the fifth floor was exempted from demolition, Ko said, adding that illegal modifications to the fourth floor were never reported.

Source: Taipei Times December 06, 2017 15:56 UTC