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Fears for civilians as battle for Mosul begins

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 Fears for civilians as battle for Mosul beginsSmoke rises as people flee their homes during clashes between Iraqi security forces and members of the Islamic State group fightng for control of Mosul, in Iraq, yesterday. Islamic State militants were preventing people fleeing Mosul, they said, and one said they directed some towards buildings they had recently used themselves. In Washington, Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said that it was known that civilians were being used as human shields. The Syrian Army, meanwhile, accused the coalition of planning to allow Islamic State militants to flee across the border. US President Barack Obama said it would be a difficult fight but Islamic State “will be defeated in Mosul.”Obama is hoping to bolster his legacy by seizing back as much territory as he can from Islamic State before he leaves office in January.

Source: Bueno Aires Herald October 19, 2016 01:18 UTC