Eric Holder to Lead Democrats’ Attack on Republican Gerrymandering

Advertisement Continue reading the main storyEchoing a number of Mr. Obama’s top advisers, Mr. Holder described fighting Republican gerrymandering as a “primary concern” for the president once he leaves the White House. Mr. Holder said he and Mr. Obama believed strongly that Democrats needed to look beyond Washington. Mr. Holder said he viewed Republican gerrymandering as more extreme than anything Democrats had engineered for their own benefit in blue states. Mr. Holder even said bluntly that black congressmen should be willing to run in districts that are not necessarily majority-minority seats. And incumbents of both parties, Mr. Holder said, should “get more comfortable with the notion that with fairly drawn districts, elections might be more significantly contested.”“That’s a good thing for our democracy,” Mr. Holder said.

Source:   New York Times
January 11, 2017 20:02 UTC