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Egypt calls on UK to return Rosetta Stone

Yesterday, Egypt renewed its request for the British Museum to return the prized Rosetta stone to its country of origin. “It would be great to have the Rosetta Stone back in Egypt, but this is something that will still need a lot of discussion and cooperation.”The British Museum, which hosts the stone as its most valuable possession, has long been reluctant to return it. Rediscovered during Napoleon’s 1798 campaign to Egypt, the stone acquired its name from its location near the Egyptian City of “Rashid”, known in the west as “Rosetta”. It was transferred to British possession following France’s defeat against the Brits and Ottomans in 1801, and finally, held in the British Museum since June 1802. Hawas instead suggested in 2005 that Britain loan the stone to Egypt for three months, to which Britain refused.

Source: Egypt Independent November 07, 2018 14:37 UTC