Egypt-UK: British MPs Seek to visit Imprisoned Morsi - News Summed Up

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Egypt-UK: British MPs Seek to visit Imprisoned Morsi

A panel of British lawmakers has submitted a request to visit former President Mohamed Morsi in detention since he was overthrown in 2013 by incumbent President who is seeking a second term in office. The panel head, Crispin Blunt, from the Conservative Party, wrote the letter on behalf of Morsi’s family, which described the heath condition of the former leader very critical. The family members said they were allowed to visit their father only two times in four years. “His request for urgent medical treatment during a trial session was refused,” Morsi’s son Abdullah added in a statement. Tim Moloney will be the bipartisan group’s lawyer to visit Morsi if the visit is allowed.

Source: The North Africa Journal March 07, 2018 16:52 UTC