CBL Director Commends 72nd Social and Athletic Club - News Summed Up

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CBL Director Commends 72nd Social and Athletic Club

By Chris F PewuMatthew Innis, Central Bank Deputy Director has urged youth in the 72nd Community to get more involved in sporting activities. He said it is about time that youth of the community, particularly in the 72nd Social and Athletic Club see reason in bringing up ideas that will help their community. According to Innis, he believes that the newly established athletic club will lead the young people in the community to understand their roles in their social interactions. Chairman Hiah said the social and athletic club’s motto is: “Forward Ever, Backward Never,” and the club will also embark on cleaning up campaigns in the community. Meanwhile, the program was climaxed with a match which 72nd Athletic and Social Club defeated Dirigo Social Club of ELWA 2-0 in soccer, with the goals coming from Robert Miller and Franklin Blackie.

Source: Daily Observer December 07, 2017 02:15 UTC