Ben Seedee Wants to Head the LCA - News Summed Up

Ben Seedee Wants to Head the LCA

The problem, he told the Daily Observer in an interview recently, needs to change, and that can only happen when the leadership of the Liberia Coaches Association (LCA) can muster the vision to turn the situation around. “This involves negotiations; and when the business owners recognizing what is in it for them, they will work along as partners with the Football Association,” Seedee suggested. “My administration will come up with strict guidelines for coaches and we will want club owners to work along with us,” he promised. Information reaching the Daily Observer shows that Liberian soccer coaches are not paid well and they are fired without cause. A coach is an educator, a trainer, an instructor and confidant of the players they train, and as a result, they demand the cooperation of club owners to get the job done.

Source: Daily Observer February 14, 2018 02:03 UTC