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Avurudu:A new take on the traditional

Avurudu:A new take on the traditional By Kaveesha Fernando Some modern trends that are catching on during the festive season View(s): View(s):Avurudu/ Puththandu is a time of tradition, and of course celebration of the New Year with family. Avurudu appsApps on the Google playstore titled ‘Avurudu games of Sri Lanka’ and ‘Avurudu Games’ aim to teach the younger generations what traditional Avurudu games in the village were like from the comfort of their living rooms on their phone or tab. Designed by Shakya Kariyawasam and marketed by Madusanka Pradeep, the team aims to bring traditional art to modern day fashion. “It is our aim to bring back the ancient traditional Avurudu clothing styles this season, in order to emphasise the importance of culture and to show our customers how they could be stylish and traditional at the same time. Adding contemporary vibrance to traditional New Year attire, the jewellery is sure to complete even the simplest Avurudu outfit.

Source: Sunday Times April 12, 2019 14:37 UTC