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Australia asked by UN to resettle Saudi Arabian teen

AFP, BANGKOKThe UN has said an 18-year-old Saudi Arabian woman who fled her family is a legitimate refugee and has asked Australia to resettle her, Canberra said yesterday, as the Twitter-led campaign to grant her asylum edged toward resolution. Thailand initially said it would deport her at the request of Saudi Arabian embassy officials, barring her from traveling on to Australia where al-Qunun said she had intended to claim asylum. Al-Qunun is now in the care of the UN’s refugee agency in Bangkok, which is processing her case. Phil Robertson of Human Rights Watch said al-Qunun had renounced Islam, which puts her at “serious risk” of prosecution in Saudi Arabia. The family’s patriarch met with the UNHCR yesterday morning and will return to “his country” later today, he said.

Source: Taipei Times January 09, 2019 15:56 UTC