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Argentina reacts to Republican ’s win

Friday, November 11, 2016 Argentina reacts to Republican ’s winNews of Clinton’s defeat sparks rejection, tepid support — and even criticism for the governmentThe news that Donald Trump had prevailed over Hilary Clinton in the US presidential election sparked myriad responses in Argentine political circles ranging from outright rejection to ambivalence. Criticism of the government here, led by President Mauricio Macri, for leaning toward a Clinton victory was also on display. That is why the triumph of Republican candidate who won the US presidential election does not seem to be an isolated phenomenon but rather too-closely linked to these signs that had been coming from all over the world. “And that is why I believe that Donald Trump is much more than Trump himself. That anger had been expressed by the left through the (Bernie) Sanders candidacy in the Democratic primaries.

Source: Bueno Aires Herald November 11, 2016 17:02 UTC