Alarming increase in Ethiopian suicide cases in UAE - News Summed Up

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Alarming increase in Ethiopian suicide cases in UAE

Sharjah: Ten Ethiopians committed suicide in the UAE last year, according to the Ethiopian consulate in Dubai. Mistreatment is the main cause of most crimes by domestic workers,” Alemu said. Every day, the Ethiopian consulate in Dubai receives several complaints from Ethiopian domestic workers related to abuse, harassment, rape or non-payment of salaries for several months or years [in some cases], Alemu said. Many Ethiopian domestic workers, he added, were staying in the country illegally and brought here by illegal agents, with most of them based in Ajman. Alemu said some Ethiopian housemaids are brought illegally to UAE by recruitment agencies and confined to a room and exploited while them a job.

Source: Ethiopian News January 12, 2018 12:56 UTC