Rowing: Moratuwa beat Colombo 42-0 in annual University Regatta

SportUniversity of Moratuwa (UoM) continued their dominance in University rowing when they won the 35th Inter University Regatta 42-0 at the Colombo Rowing Club on Beira Lake waters on Saturday (8). UoM has been in dominant in the last decade, securing the landmark 11th consecutive win this year with a tally of 10 out of 11 regattas. University of Colombo (UoC) won the ladies events comfortably 26-16 over UoM women crew. Defending champions UoM Men was led by Amidu Silva and coached by Hiran Sellahewa and Shan Silva while Women's champions UoC was led by Chethana Gallage. Inter University 2018 results:B-Scull: Sajithan UoM (4m35s) beat Dushantha UoC (4m50s)B Pair Women (500m re-row): UoM (2m29s) beat UoC (2m45s)A-Scull Men: Damian UoM (4m12s) beatRahul UoC (4m33s)A-Pair Women: Chethana/Upuli UoC (4m30s) beat Ashni/Naduni UoM (4m35s)B-Pair Men: Chathusha/Bhahavan Uom (3m59s) beat Buddhika/Dushyantha (4m15s)B-Scull Women: Ashni UoM (4m56s) beat Nethmi UoC (5m02s)A-Pair Men: Amindu/Damian UoM (3m58s) beat Wishwa/Shehan UoC (4m02s)A-Scull Women: Chethana UoC (4m57s) beat Mary UoM (5m06s)C-Four Men: Sajithan/Anjana/Buddhi/Sudhara/Chaturanga UoM (4m1s) beat Shehan/Sajith/Charith/Kaneel/Shehan UoC (4m14s)Double Scull Men: Sajithan/Anjana UoM (4m2s) beat Kasun/Kaneel UoC (4m46s)B-Four Women: Alsara/Nimni/Kulunu/Tharushi UoM (4m36s) beat Hiranya/Isuru/Yasara/ Pubudika/Lahiru UoC (4m37s)B-Four Men: Nishshanka/Diwanka/Pulasthi/Dulshan UoM (3m40s) beat Hiranya/Buddhika/ Vishwa/ Shehan/ Dushyantha UoC (3m53s)A-Four Women: Chethanai/Upuli/Naduni/Nethmi/Ranmalee UoC (4m11s) beat Ashini/Naduni/Rangika/Senuri/Nishshanka UoM (4m12s)A-Four Men (Boat Race): Chathusha/Uditha/Supun/Bhawan/Amidu UoM (3m33s) beat Kavinda/Rahal/Charith/Sahan/Supun UoC (4m8s)

September 08, 2018 16:52 UTC

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