Zaharan had an open warrant for his arrest since last year

Zaharan had an open warrant for his arrest since last year View(s):Police knew of terror chief’s motives; but search dissipated after arrest of TID Chief Nalaka SilvaAn open warrant for the arrest of Mohamed Zaharan, the self-styled leader of the National Thowheed Jamath (NTJ) had been issued by a Colombo Magistrate back in August last year, but the wanted man had gone into hiding by then and the search for him had dissipated with the arrest of the then Terrorism Investigations Division (TID) chief DIG Nalaka Silva shortly thereafter, it has now been revealed. The open warrant had been issued after the Police TID filed a ‘B’ report dated July 2, 2018 before the Colombo Magistrate’s Court, citing Mohamed Cassim Mohamed Zaharan by name and stating that he was using the internet to spread disaffection among communities and also, for proposed terrorist activities. They were later bailed out while Zaharan had fled the area and gone into hiding. But the trail dissipated even after an open warrant for his arrest was granted in August last year as the TID DIG was arrested in September, 2018 on charges relating to an attempt to assassinate President Maithripala Sirisena. The “B’ report submitted to court stated that Zaharan was suspected of wanting to create divisions between communities, especially among the Sinhala and Muslim communities with the aim of causing communal violence.

May 25, 2019 19:18 UTC

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