Chinese balloon over South Asia

So is China for most part of the world, and now opening towards South Asian Markets. Singapore Draw“The Chinese are attracted by lower prices and the proximity to Singapore,” said Alice Tan, Singapore-based head of consultancy and research at real-estate brokers Knight Frank LLP. Analysts have pointed out that though China cannot influence the region directly by political means, it has begun employing its economic lever. “It has enhanced its investment in Nepal aiming to reduce Indian influence and migrated to Sri Lanka. Its investments in Myanmar and base in Coco Islands are designed to counter Indian domination in the Indian Ocean.

February 17, 2017 20:37 UTC

A dreamer of epic proportions

To put it simply, Safdie is the brain behind most architectural marvels that get people picking their brains thinking ‘how’. “To set the record straight, I have never built anything on the West Bank,” Safdie said, before talking about his work. “I have been a keen follower of Bawa’s work for decades,” said Safdie, when asked about his thoughts on the industry. Speaking about his previous work, Safdie said that his approach to designs have always been a ‘human and comprehensive approach’. This project which put Safdie on the map comprises of 158 residences, each with its own roof garden.

February 17, 2017 20:37 UTC

Toilets can be nice

Much has been written recently about public toilets, particularly, those at railway stations reserved for foreigners, some, akin it to an apartheid. After all this has been done in a public place, for public toilets. Before we move to the genus of “locked up “public toilets in Sri Lanka, we do see them in some offices, where some toilets are kept locked for the executives. Public toilets have high visitor turnover, more so in railway stations, bus stations, airports, hospitals etc. This same genus of people with these ingrained domestic habits that use public toilets in work places, trains, restaurants etc., and in most cases with the same social attitude.

February 17, 2017 20:37 UTC

Hurdles to jump

Lakmal has a younger sister and was not the kind of guy to take advantage of a girl her age. He gave her another room and when the boyfriend was having a breakdown Lakmal took him for and a chat over drinks. They book rooms here and come with boyfriends.”“They get their salary on the 10th and rooms get booked right after. He says that rich Colombo men come with two women at a time. There’s a lady doctor who comes to our guesthouse and stays with the driver.” Lakmal informs that women come there after their husbands have gone to work.

February 17, 2017 20:37 UTC

Obtain Ceylon Chamber publications online

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce which on a regular basis publishes key business publications providing vital business information, analysis on economic trends and statistics and also sector-based reports have now made them available via online for interested parties to obtain those publications. The periodic, annual and issue driven publications launched by the CCC’s Economic Intelligence Unit and the Business Information Division can be downloaded by visiting Currently, the publication portal of has several important reports covering sectors such as, Apparel, Dairy and Tea. Visitors also can purchase the ‘Sri Lanka in Brief 2016,’ via online, which provides vital socio-economic information on the country. Interested parties can also obtain the CCC’s latest publication, ‘Economic Review and Outlook 2017,’ a news report, which contains information on trends, risks and prospects of both Sri Lankan and the global economy.

February 17, 2017 20:37 UTC

wanted for Sri Lanka economcally active youth

Despite being students, only a small proportion of youth in education are in a university or a vocational training institution. Policies for Improving Youth Labour Force Participation As noted earlier, many youth delay entering the labour market due to studies. Policies should aim at reducing the transition time between general and tertiary education and ensuring that the education courses are completed according to a schedule. With prior experience in the labour market, they are more likely to resume work after their reproductive years than those who never work. Given budget constraints, expanding publicly provided vocational training may not be an option.

February 17, 2017 20:37 UTC

LONI’s ark in Wattala

Apparently pigeons were not Pigeon-man Loni’s only interest. Loni and his wife Monika designed their house in Wattala together. Loni’s olfactory senses have gone for a six because of the tea. Ten years ago one of Loni’s friends in Germany sent him eight pigeons. So when the birds fly back with the phone numbers and we call them, they are quite shocked,” said Loni.

February 17, 2017 20:37 UTC

Windfall for village kids

“What inspired me to start this project was when I was recently talking to a principal of a school in Mount Lavinia. I wanted to do so much more.”Accordingly, Gunarwardena together with Rex Gunatilleke, Deputy Chief Operations Officer conceptualized ‘Ceylinco VIP Akurata Saviyak’ with the blessings of the staff. Some of the staff members have even come forward and made contributions for this worthy cause out of their own pockets. When asked how they arrived at the figure of Rs.1500 as the allowance, Gunawardena said that although it may feel meager to someone from an urban setting, a child in a rural village can do a considerable amount of things with that amount of money. ‘Ceylinco VIP Akurata Saviya’ will be officially launched on February 23 in Moneragala with the participation of Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam.

February 17, 2017 20:37 UTC


Minister of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure Harin Fernando last week confirmed that Google was exploring ‘other options’ to pilot and implement Project Loon as there have been certain inefficiencies recently in relation to getting the required spectrum for the trials. The delay in the Loon project is the contaoversy with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) regarding the 700MHz sepectrum. Project Loon is an innovation spearheaded by Google and is a network of balloons traveling on the edge of space, designed to extend internet connectivity to people of a given country. He said that Rama Co will own the Loons under ‘Project Rama’. Innovation was never in our DNA but then Google Loon came along and we were excited about it.”Setting the record straight however, Fernando said that Project Loon was not yet another ‘Volkswagen Story’ – implying that Google has so far been on the same page as the government and ICTA.

February 17, 2017 20:26 UTC

Hallyu Wave hits Sri Lanka

As much as it has been inspired by Western Pop music, this culture shock due to its unique genre is popularizing at an accelerating pace globally making the ‘Hallyu wave’ one giant Tsunami. Remember the spoiled, puppy–eyed Lee Young Jae of Full House, the first national introduction of the uprising Hallyu wave to Sri Lanka? In March 2012 the world saw most extensive world tour by a Kpop group even penetrating the Latin Americas. It’s a challenge to the fans as they try hard not to succumb to the oncoming fresh waves of idols in the Hallyu Wave. The Hallyu wave keeps on rolling, recruiting new audiences worldwide through music and drama, inventing interesting concepts in its unlimited fairy tale happenings.

February 17, 2017 20:26 UTC

Newest Lanka Sathosa outlet records Rs.611,000 on day one

“Lanka Sathosa now employs more than 3500” Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishard Bathiudeen said last week. The minister was addressing the opening event of 325th Lanka Sathosa outlet in Muthur. “Lanka Sathosa under my Ministry is the state-owned large scale retail business in Sri Lanka. 30 billion,” said Bathiudeen and added: On its first day in action, Mutur’s Lanka Sathosa outlet recorded a turnover of Rs 611,000 catering to almost 1000 consumers who patronised it. Market studies reveal Lanka Sathosa is mostly used by households whose income is Rs 30,000 and below – 60% of Sri Lanka’s population.

February 17, 2017 20:14 UTC

Career builder vs job-hopper » The Nation

Again, that’s OK. What’s not OK is bouncing around from position to position, leaving the job the second you get bored. So, how can you prove you’re committed to your career path without sticking around at your current company forever? Whatever you do, be sure you’re always learning and growing. With the number of career opportunities available today, it’s no surprise that people want to move around. But before you leave one job for the next be sure you’ve done everything possible to get the most value out of the experience.

February 17, 2017 20:03 UTC

Make money from home

Freelance workIf you have a marketable skill then this is probably the best way to make money online. BloggingIf you have a knack for writing then blogging is a great way to make money online. Joining paid to write sitesIf you’re good at writing then this is a great way to make money online. This is a great way to make money online for free if you find the right product in the right niche. Buying and selling domainsThis is another good way to make money online but you need to have some knowledge about domain valuation and the rest to make money through this method.

February 17, 2017 20:02 UTC

100 singers to grace Joseph Vaz celebration

Some of Sri Lanka’s most famous singers will sing together to prop up the Catholic Church’s push to celebrate the Nation’s First Saint Joseph Vaz on February 26 at St Lucia’s Cathedral in Colombo. According to Cardinal Ranjith at a press conference, 100 reputed singers with 200 schoolchildren will be part of the celebration with priests and nuns. “We believe that when we sing, we pray twice and we invite all music lovers to join us,” Cardinal Ranjith told journalists. He noted that the Catholic Church in Sri Lanka has played a huge role in shaping the careers of many singers in the country. The singers will be directed by Britisher Gregory Rose while the schoolchildren will be guided by veteran musician Francis de Almeida.

February 17, 2017 19:44 UTC

Whale-watching Mirissa » The Nation

Whale-watching! We had left the Mirissa Fisheries Harbour around 6.30 in the morning. The whale-watching season begins in late November and continues until April. Anyway, we had already been at sea for more than five hours and were yet to sight a whale. Its true dimensions became apparent, simply because we could compare it with the size of the people on the boats.

February 17, 2017 19:44 UTC

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