Russian security firm recruited fighters to fight alongside Haftar's forces in east Libya

Russian policy-makers see Haftar as a strongman who can end the six years of anarchy that followed the ousting of Muammar Gaddafi. The presence of the military contractors was, according to the head of the firm, a commercial arrangement. Hafatr visited Moscow twice last year, meeting with the Russian Defense Minister and Foreign Minister as well as the Deputy Foreign Minister and the Secretary of the Security Council of Russia. Last January, Haftar was given a special tour on the Russian aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, which was returning from Syria. He met with the Russian Defense Minister via a private video conference.

March 11, 2017 18:33 UTC

Libyan peace walker arrives in Derna

Libyan hiker, Al-Busairy Abdelsalam Al-Busairy, has arrived in Derna today as part of his trip around Libya advocating for peace and unity among Libyans under the slogan "Forgiveness and Reconciliation for Libya." Al-Busairy was received by the city's municipal and civil societies' officials and Derna residents. He and his companion were later invited to be honored at a small celebratory event in the city.

March 11, 2017 15:56 UTC

News Roundup - Sat, Mar 11, 2017

_____________________Illegal Immigration Fight Authority has announced opening a new migrants detention center in Sawani dsitrict, in the suburbs of Tripoli. The deal was struck after Haftar had tasked the mayor of Benghazi with carrying out the negotiation with the BDB. ___________________Elders and revolutionary fighters of Tajoura district, Tripoli, said on Friday that the return of Benghazi IDPs to their city is a legitimate right. They also expressed support for Benghazi Defense Brigades and urged eastern residents to join them. ___________________75 House of Representatives members have refused the voting of their fellow MPs in rejection of the Libyan political agreement.

March 11, 2017 12:36 UTC

Dignity Operation militants humiliate anti-Khalifa Haftar prisoner

A video posted on social media on Friday showed Dignity Operation militants abusing a captive and forcing him to praise wannabe ruler of Libya Khalifa Haftar. The video depicted a captive from Magharba tribe surrounded by more than four militants coercing him into saying “Haftar is my lord” while repeatedly striking him on the back of the head. “Who is Haftar?” the militants asked the helpless man more than 10 times, while he was forced to repeatedly reply “he is my lord.”The tyrannical act is similar to that of Syrian president Bashar Asad’s forces and former Libyan dictator Gaddafi’s brigades, observers say. Dignity Operation launched a crackdown on opponents and conducted large-scale arrests in Brega and Ajdabiya following the march of Benghazi Defense Brigades eastward.

March 11, 2017 11:15 UTC

Most vulnerable pay highest price amid chaos of Libya's people-trafficking routes

Usually the bodies wash ashore after the flimsy vessels the migrants board in a bid to reach Europe capsize in the Mediterranean. The traffickers opened fire on the beach after the migrants refused to board their boat due to bad weather. The killings marked a new low for Libya, a key departure point for migration to Europe. The IOM estimates 521 migrants have died crossing the Mediterranean so far this year, most of whom set sail from Libya. Libya's key position in the people-smuggling chain stretching across sub-Saharan Africa has long been a headache for the EU.

March 11, 2017 02:32 UTC

Haftar's position shaky after losing oil crescent in east Libya, Radio France Internationale says

After the recapture of the key oil terminals at the oil crescent region by the Benghazi Defense Brigades (BDB), Khalifa Haftar and his forces found themselves faced with a predicament that they had not seen coming. Radio France Internationale reported on Thursday that Haftar and his forces – along with his foriegn backup squads – have collapsed at the oil crescent region as they couldn’t thwart the operation led by the BDB forces. According to the report, many observers see it impossible for Haftar’s forces to regain control of the oil crescent, saying that the Libyan situation is fluctuating every minute. The BDB forces handed over the control of the oil terminals to the Presidential Council’s Petroleum Facilities Guard two days ago. “Losing oil terminals might be the beginning of a dilemma for Haftar on the Libyan scene,” the France Radio Internationale concluded.

March 10, 2017 18:33 UTC

Libyan navy staffers to train on Libyan boat in Italy

11 Libyan navy officers and engineers as well as 8 maintenence and repair personnel were sent to Italy to receive a theoretical course for a month on the 106 Libyan boat, the chief of the coast security department, Tariq Shanbor said Thursday. He added that after the course, the Libyan trainees will be given a training program for another month to get to know how to drive the under-repair Libyan boat in Benzart port, Tunisia.

March 09, 2017 20:37 UTC

BDB hails Italian statement on oil crescent, calls Egypt to be neutral

Senior commander of Benghazi Defense Brigades (BDB) Mahmoud Al-Fitouri has demanded Egypt to play a positive role to achieve stability in Libya and to stand at equal distance from all Libyan political rivals. In a press statement, Al-Fitouri hailed the international stances in general and the Italian one in particular about the oil crescent incidents. The Italian stance backs peace and stability here, Al-Fitouri reacted. “We are partners to the international community in fighting terrorism, we will never allow terrorist groups to deploy in the region,” he confirmed. The Italian Embassy in Tripoli said the deployment of Petroleum Facilities Guard PFG forces in the oil crescent region is a step in the right direction following the Tuesday handover of Sidra and Ras Lanuf oil terminals to PFG by BDB forces.

March 09, 2017 18:45 UTC

Operation manager of Buraq Air abducted

Gunmen loyal to Dignity Operation have abducted the operation manager of Buraq Air near Umm al Rizam town, some 48 km south of Derna, and took him to unknown location, Sources from Derna reported. In Bayda city, Dignity Operation gunmen abducted two students from Omer Mukhtar University. Their whereabouts are still unknown. Dignity Operation has launched crackdown on opponents following the advance of Benghazi Defence Brigades eastward.

March 09, 2017 17:03 UTC

Leaked phonecall for Dignity Operation officials scandalizes their media scams against BDB

A leaked audio obtained by Al-Nabaa TV unveils how Dignity Operation's officials have been plotting a scheme to be aired on their media outlets and social media to deform the forces of Benghazi Defense Brigades (BDB). "We need to act, the public opinion of Cyrenaica people is changing, they know the BDB are the residents of Benghazi. Al-Musrati and the Dingity Operation military officer's leaked phonecall also disclosed how the Haftar-led forces used the Egyptian warplanes to carry out airstrikes on Jufra city, where BDB forces are positioned. The two men also disclosed in their phonecall that there is a continuous communication between IS militants and Dignity Operation. The BDB forces took control of Ras Lanuf oil terminal and airport as well as Essidra oil terminal in central Libya, in addition to Ben Jawad and Nofaliya towns, in a surprise attack on Dignity Operation forces there.

March 09, 2017 15:55 UTC

Former ambassador flies to USA to drum up support for Dignity Operation

He accused the former US administration of advocating Muslim Brotherhood and Libyan Fighting Group for the last 6 years. Dignity Operation allies are used to play Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda cards to frighten the international community into supporting Khalifa Haftar’s self-styled army, which claims that it is fighting terrorism on behalf of the world. “No one is helping LNA while Al-Qaeda army is being blessed by the UN and USA into attacking the east,” he remarked. His Libya Channel TV has received $26.6 million in funding from the UAE intelligence services, according to UAE 71 news website. While he failed to refer to the several threats of Dignity Operation commanders to attack Tripoli, he accused the Mufti of advocating attacks and bloodshed.

March 09, 2017 15:36 UTC

Several MPs hint at forming a pro-LPA HoR outside Tobruk

Several pro-Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) members from the House of Representatives (HoR) have condemned the voting of their fellow MPs in rejection of the LPA in the Tuesday session that was attended by 58 MPs out of 200. In a statement Wednesday, the HoR members said the HoR should have been willing to engage in - not to reject - the efforts aimed at solving Libya's crisis and pushed for dialogue to save Libyans from any propable bloodshed and to protect their resources.

March 08, 2017 21:11 UTC

Aman Bank suspends work temporarily after attack on its HQ

Aman Bank said it had suspended work temporarily due to the "riots and armed violence" that took place Wednesday in front of its headquarters in Gurji, Tripoli. The violence caused great damage to bank's building, a statement by the bank said.

March 08, 2017 16:07 UTC

News Roundup - Wed, Mar 08, 2017

The violence caused great damage to bank's building, a statement by the bank said. -----------------------------------------------------Libyan Coast Guard, Zawiya Squad, intercepted on Sunday a Russian vessel in the territorial waters off the country’s western coast. The vessel, MERLE, was sailing to Zuwara Port to load scrap metal to Turkey, a booming illegal trade in Libya. -----------------------------------------------------Sabratha security personnel recovered 11 bodies of illegal immigrants from different African countries as they awashed Telil shores on Tuesday. They also found four decomposed bodies, one of whom was for a child, buried in different spots.

March 08, 2017 15:22 UTC

Islamic Research and Studies Council: BDB's operation impeded return of military rule in Libya

It underscored that with the advent and success of the BDB's operation, Libya can rebuild relations with the world based on respect for human rights and justice, especially in regards to the illegal immigration dilemma and terrorism. Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) of UN-proposed Presidency Council took control of Ras Lanuf and Sidra oil ports from Benghazi Defense Brigades (BDB) on Tuesday. Ras Lanuf and Sidra oil ports were retaken from Dignity Operation forces on Friday. Hours later, BDB forces called state authorities to assume full responsibility over the ports before they continue their march to Benghazi. The IRSC urged the BDB forces to pardon all those who choose to abandon the so-called Dignity Operation forces, calling on them not to take up revenge against any of them.

March 08, 2017 12:56 UTC

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