Libyana Mobile Phone goes 4G LTE

Libyana Mobile Phone has launched Libya’s first 4G-LTE network, a step that aims to enhance coverage and performance and get more customers. The mobile operator, one of the country’s only two mobile companies, said on Sunday the new technology would provide customers with a high-speed internet connection up to 150 Mbps at a very cheap price. The new technology will be available in Tripoli, Zawiya, Sabha and Misrata at the moment, the company reported, adding the service will move to other regions soon. No further details were given. LTE is a fourth generation or 4G mobile service that delivers reliable and super-fast internet on a smartphone or tablet.

March 26, 2017 20:49 UTC

NOC warns oil market of illicit contracts to purchase Libyan oil

The Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) has emphasized its position as the one and only legitimate entity in Libya that is recognized by the UN resolutions to be entitled to sell Libya's crude oil. In a statement issued on Sunday, the NOC reaffirmed that the contracts that include all of 2017 Libya's oil production have been signed by the NOC with 16 international oil firms. "Only the firms that we signed contracts with are holders of legitimate purchase claims of Libyan oil and thus are entitled to hire oil vessels from the Libyan oil terminals in 2017." It indicated that it had depicted some individuals, who are using the current political fragmentation in Libya, signing tens of illicit contracts with obscure firms, which are not qualified for purchasing Libya's oil. "They offered to sell Libya's oil with even discount offers on the official selling price, thus losing Libya for those contracts (if of course were to take effect) hundreds of millions of dollars compared to the legal contracts the NOC signs."

March 26, 2017 20:48 UTC

Protesters close gas pipeline in western Libya

Angry protesters from the Amazigh town of Nalut in western Libya shut down a gas pipeline for Mellitah Oil & Gas on Sunday demanding payment of financial dues. The armed protesters closed the gas pipeline in station 10 in Al-Jawabiya area, southern Nalut, that feeds Ruwais gas-fired power plant in the Western Mountain, demanding payment of around LYD 10 million for their delayed salaries. Sources said the armed protesters are enlisted in the Petroleum Facilities Guard. They said the gas pipeline will remain closed until their demands are met. The natural gas is supplied to Ruwais from Wafa oil field, one of Mellitah Oil & Gas B.V. (Libya Branch)’s oil fields, through a 32-inch pipeline.

March 26, 2017 18:45 UTC

121 people aging between 12 and 80 abducted at oil crescent region

Several legal organizations have criticized the crackdown practiced by Dignity Operation militias that is manifested in abductions based on IDs for people they accuse of having sympathy for the Benghazi Defense Brigades at the oil crescent region since they have controlled the area. Human Rights Solidarity said Sunday that the arrests and abductions done by Dignity Operation, led by Khalifa Haftar, are still ongoing. "Dignity Operation militias kidnapped Saturday the head of the elders council of Essidra area, Abdelsalam Al-Maghrabi, as he was heading home to Ras Lanuf from Ajdabiya." The lists show that the 121 abducted persons include a 12 years old, Naji Ali as the youngest and Saleh Bugashta, 80 years old, as the oldest. "The campaign of Dignity Operation at the oil crescent region is still ongoing since the beginning of March, when Benghazi Defense Brigades (BDB) controlled Essidra and Ras Lanuf oil terminals."

March 26, 2017 18:45 UTC

Nearly 1,200 migrants picked up off Libya, heading to Italy

Nearly 1,200 migrants picked up off Libya, heading to ItalyHumanitarian ships rescued almost 1,200 migrants who were crossing the Mediterranean Sea at the weekend on an array of small, tightly packed boats, Doctors Without Borders said on Sunday. A young woman was found unconscious on one of the vessels and later died, the group said. Some 412 people were crammed onto a single wooden boat, while the others were picked up from huge inflatable dinghies, which had set sail from the coast of Libya. The weekend rescues mean that about 22,000 mainly African migrants have been picked up heading to Italy so far this year, while around 520 have died trying to make the crossing. A parliamentarian with the right-wing Northern League party on Sunday accused the NGOs of acting as a "taxi service", bringing migrants straight to Italy rather than to closer nations, such as Tunisia and Malta.

March 26, 2017 18:11 UTC

News Roundup - Sun, Mar 26, 2017

Angry protesters from the Amazigh town of Nalut in western Libya shut down a gas pipeline for Mellitah Oil & Gas on Sunday demanding payment of financial dues. ______________________________________Gunmen kidnapped the head of the elders council in Essidra municipality, Abdelsalam Al-Maghrabi, as he was going home to Ras Lanuf from Ajdabiya. The oil crescent region is undergoing several abduction cases that reached 121, most of whom are from Al-Maghariba tribe. The families said they hold Dignity Operation forces accountable for the disappearance of the kidnapped. --------------------------------------------------------------------Greece-flagged Dimitrious oil vessel docked at Essidra oil terminal to load 630.000 barrels of oil to be shipped to China, as the first shipment to be exported from Essidra after the clashes at the oil crescent had ended.

March 26, 2017 13:59 UTC

Minister says encryption on messaging services is unacceptable

Minister says encryption on messaging services is unacceptableTechnology companies must cooperate more with law enforcement agencies and should stop offering a "secret place for terrorists to communicate" using encrypted messages, British interior minister Amber Rudd said on Sunday. Asked for her view on companies which offer end-to-end encrypted messages, Rudd said: "It is completely unacceptable, there should be no place for terrorists to hide. "We need to make sure that our intelligence services have the ability to get into situations like encrypted WhatsApp." PRIVACY VS SECURITYBrian Paddick, a home affairs spokesman for the opposition Liberal Democrats and former deputy assistant commissioner in the Metropolitan Police, said the security services could view "the content of suspected terrorists' encrypted messages". "The real question is, could lives have been saved in London last week if end-to-end encryption had been banned?

March 26, 2017 13:41 UTC

Nigerians stuck in Libya return home with a song

Nigerians stuck in Libya return home with a songMore than 150 Nigerians, some of them in tears, broke out in song as they touched down on home soil, after months stuck in Libya waiting to try to get to Europe. “Some are in prison for so long, six months, seven months… I was put in a cell, like four, five months before I came back,” he told AFP. – Increasing numbers –Four plane-loads of Nigerian migrants have now flown back from Libya in less than two months. Since the start of the year, 660 people in total have been helped to return voluntarily. In 2016, a total of 37,551 Nigerians managed to get to the Italian coast, according to the IOM, more than those from Eritrea, Ivory Coast and The Gambia.

March 25, 2017 18:11 UTC

Presidential Council forms 3000-fighter force to secure Sirte

The UN-proposed government's Presidential Council (PC) has issued a new decree ordering the formation of a military force tasked with securing the city of Sirte. The PC's decree No. 18 for 2017 specified the tasks assigned for the new force as four:First, the force will be securing the state institutions in Sirte. Second, the force will be tasked with fighting terrorism and securing the lives and properties of the residents in Sirte. The PC's decree added, saying each personnel of the force will be given 2000 Libyan dinars by the Defense Ministry.

March 25, 2017 15:45 UTC

US Will Keep Ground Troops In Libya For ‘Foreseeable Future’

US Will Keep Ground Troops In Libya For ‘Foreseeable Future’The US intends to keep ground troops in Libya for the foreseeable future to support “friendly forces,” and to “degrade” the ISIS forcesIn a press briefing at the Pentagon today, African Command leader Gen. Thomas Waldhauser announced that the US intends to keep ground troops in Libya for the foreseeable future to support “friendly forces,” and to “degrade” the ISIS forces that remain in the country. Waldhauser did not specify how many US troops are in Libya now, or how many will stay, but did estimate that there were less than 200 ISIS fighters left in Libya. The US had announced the end of the anti-ISIS campaign in Libya back in December, but never fully withdrew from the country. The US forces were in Libya trying to help the “unity” government defeat ISIS in the city of Sirte. US officials repeatedly claimed the city was totally surrounded, and that no ISIS fighters would get away, though when the fighting finally ended, a substantial number of ISIS fighters did in fact get away.

March 25, 2017 15:05 UTC

Derna Shura Council foils Dignity Operation attack on southern Derna

The fighters of the Derna Shura Council thwarted an offensive launched by the forces of Khalifa Haftar-led Dignity Operation's Omar Al-Mukhtar Operation Room on Daher Al-Hamar frontline in southern Derna. "We have hit targets for Dignity Operation forces with a rocket and caused them a number of injuries, including one of the leaders of the offensive." A military source from the Derna Shura Council reported.

March 25, 2017 13:52 UTC

News Roundup - Sat, Mar 25, 2017

Libya national team was missing a number of its top players, especially Al-Ahli Tripoli ones, who couldn't be part of the training camp in Egypt. Libya's coach, Jalal Al-Damja hailed Libya's performance against the fully-prepared Togo team. Gen. Waldhauser added that there are Russians on the ground in the area," adding that Russia's attempts to influence Libya were concerning to the US. It added that they all discussed Tripoli security situation. On Facebook, it added that the reason behind the power outage is related to maintenance at western Tripoli power plant.

March 25, 2017 13:52 UTC

Bu Khamada: Fighters with mental illness are part of east Libya army

Fighters with psychiatric disorder are fighting alongside Khalifa Haftar’s self-styled Libyan National Army, the commander of Al-Saiqa Forces Wanis Bu Khamada has declared, while he was addressing a tribal group to give excuses for the shocking videos of crimes committed by the army in Benghazi. Ironically, a photograph posted on Facebook showed Wanis Bu Khamada’s son posing with Jalal al-Makhzoum’s hanged corpse outside Al-Saiqa camp. War crimes were committed by east Libyan army in Ganfouda district including ISIS-style murder of captives, burning and mutilation of bodies and exhumation of corpses of opposition fighters. The heinous crimes in Benghazi were deplored by Human Right Watch and Amnesty International and said they may amount to war crimes. Al-Mismari indicated that ISIS has planted brutal killings in their thoughts while army fighters had not attended training in psychology.

March 24, 2017 14:26 UTC

Around 250 feared dead on ‘Black Day’ in Mediterranean

ROME: Over 250 African migrants were feared drowned in the Mediterranean Thursday after a charity’s rescue boat found five corpses close to two sinking rubber dinghies off Libya. They had drowned in the 24 hours prior to them being discovered shortly after dawn on Thursday in waters directly north of the Libyan port of Sabrata, according to the rescue boat s medical staff. Despite the growing risks, migrants trying to reach Europe still stand a good chance of making it by getting on a trafficker s boat. More than half a million got to Italy in that fashion between late 2013 and the end of last year. “Defeating the business model of traffickers requires the existence of credible legal pathways for those in need of international protection,” UNHCR’s Cochetel said.

March 24, 2017 03:11 UTC

155 Nigerians deported from Libya arrive Lagos Airport

155 Nigerians deported from Libya arrive Lagos AirportBy Lawani Mikairiu155 Nigerians were Thursday assisted by International Organisation for Migration,IOM, to return to Nigeria from Libya. The deportees arrived Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos ,aboard a chartered flight from Libya after they were unable to cross the war-torn north African country to Europe for greener pastures. The returnees, mainly in their 20s and 30s, according to National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, were picked up from various prisons and detention camps in Libya by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). Public Information Officer of IOM, Julia Burpee, said theirs were cases of people stranded in Libya and unable to proceed as economic migrants to Europe. The post 155 Nigerians deported from Libya arrive Lagos Airport appeared first on Vanguard News.

March 23, 2017 20:48 UTC

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