Global Witness Bribery: There Are Evidence To Indict Fombah Sirleaf

This is the same old song, the same deja vu of giving excuses not to indict Fomba Sirleaf, yet again. Are the "investigators" saying they can't find any evidence on Fomba's hunting trip to South Africa? So what the heck Fonati Koffa and his bunch of so-called investigators are talking about that they don't have enough evidence to indict Fomba? Give whatever little evidence that you have on Fomba to the Grand Jury and let the jurors determine if the evidence can't hold water or not enough to convicted him. This is the same Fomba Sirleaf who got away with the NSA-Executed armed robbery against South Korean businessmen that netted his agents some $250,000.00.

January 12, 2017 04:06 UTC

Maryland County Beats Nimba To Face Montserrado in Sunday Final

Monrovia - Maryland County whipped Nimba County 2-0 in the last semi-finals of the 2016/2017 National County Sports Meet at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS) on January 11. Maryland County, headed by coach Emmanuel Baffoe, truly deserved her victory even though she was not good on the ball especially in the area of possession as compare to Nimba County but they carried on several goal attempts and two came to reality. Maryland County lost total possession to Nimba but their defense maintained a perfect denial up to the 64th minute when Toe shot travelled near the goal post. Gbotoe could have scored the equalizer for Nimba in the 73rd minute from a tactical pass received from a teammate but the defense of Maryland County denied him from reaching the ball. In kickball, Margibi County beat Grand Bassa County by three to two home runs in the semi-finals and will meet defending champions Nimba in Sunday’s grand finale while Maryland County and Montserrado County will meet in football at the ATS.

January 12, 2017 03:50 UTC

BCTC Students Demand Appointment of New President

Gbarnga, Bong County - Students of the Bong County Technical College (BCTC) in Gbarnga Wednesday stormed their campus demanding the appointment of a new President for the school. The students argued that the college has been without a President for the past nine months, and called on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to appoint a new President. Recently, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf directed the Board of Trustees of the College to reinstate the suspended President of the college, Dr. John Flomo. President Sirleaf has also endorsed the decision of the board to establish a search committee for the recruitment of a new President for the school. In that communication, President Sirleaf also instructed the Interim Management Team of the BCTC to continue to function until a new President is appointed for the college.

January 12, 2017 03:37 UTC

University of Liberia Graduates Concerned About Delay in Souvenir Items

But an authority at the UL is confident that despite these delays, graduates of the 97th class will received all their souvenir items before the end of January. Dahnkuan contested and lost the graduating class leadership elections ahead of the graduation, to McMillan Vaye, and he now blames his opponent for the current situation. Giving details about causes of the delays, graduating class president McMillan Vaye admits there are challenges in acquiring the souvenir items. “You bring the items before we pay you (the vendors),” Dean Stevens said, promising that the souvenir items will be available before the end of January. “If they (class leadership) did not play their part, then students should start thinking about how they should elect their officials,” he asserted.

January 12, 2017 03:37 UTC

Liberia’s Foreign Minister Applauds U.S. For Support to Liberia

Washington, D.C., USA – Liberia’s foreign Minister, Marjon V. Kamara, says the Government and people of Liberia are grateful to the Government and people of the United States for the wide range of assistance the U.S. is providing Liberia. According to a dispatch from Liberia’s Embassy in Washington, D.C., Minister Kamara was speaking at the opening of the U.S. - Liberia Partnership Dialogue at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, January 10, 2017. That document, she added, established the U.S. - Liberia Partnership Dialogue as a framework for greater strategic cooperation between the two countries. Speaking earlier, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, underscored the special historical ties subsisting between the United States and Liberia, and reaffirmed U.S. commitment to support Liberia’s development process. Assistant Secretary Thomas-Greenfield, head of the U.S. delegation, said the Partnership Dialogue enables the U.S. and Liberia to identify areas of mutual cooperation and support for Liberia’s progress.

January 12, 2017 03:29 UTC

Jonathan Sogbie Wants Supreme Court Ruling in 2014 Disputed Election Results

After the certification of the 15 new senators by the National Election Commission (NEC) it appeared all was settled with the election’s result but FrontPageAfrica has gathered it is not how it appeared. These are election cases by individuals who felt cheated in the process and filed their complaints to the Supreme Court but these complaints are yet to be adjudicated. The Supreme Court is yet to deliver its opinion on the matter. In an interview with FPA Wednesday, Mr. Sogbie requested the Supreme Court of Liberia to hear and adjudicate the case and bring it to an end. “This is an appeal to the Supreme Court of Liberia; our case from 2014 is still before the court,” Sogbie told FPA.

January 12, 2017 03:20 UTC

Monoprix Supermarket in Monrovia Caught in Power Theft

Monrovia – For months now, the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) has complained about massive losses which affect its revenue due to power theft, but the corporation has exerted efforts to curb power. According to LEC, battling power theft is probably the toughest part of their job. Since the LEC new team took over, it has arrested several thieves as it intensified the anti power theft campaign. On its last raid, LEC revealed that it lost over US$300,000 monthly to power theft and that cooperation spent time on repairing when it should be making progress. "So we are launching a massive campaign in collaboration with the media, in collaboration with the citizens too as well.

January 12, 2017 03:06 UTC

Armed Robbery Fear Looms in Monrovia - Police Calls for Community Cooperation

Monrovia - Armed robbery activities are reportedly occurring in several parts of Monrovia and its environs are creating fear among residents of Monrovia in recent days. Collins again confirmed that another armed robbery incident also occurred on Tuesday, January 11, 2016 around 8:00PM on Johnson Street in central Monrovia when two money exchangers were victimized. Five persons have been arrested in connection with the Johnson Street armed robbery incident. Later, the Inspector General of the Liberian Police Col. Gregory Coleman told FrontPageAfrica the force regrets the latest armed robbery incident and he apologize to all victims. He blames the current wave of armed robbery in the country on youths who got themselves involved in criminal activities to earn a living, assuring that his administration is doing everything to combat armed robbery.

January 12, 2017 03:06 UTC

Liberians Complain of Bad Labor Practice at Chinese Construction Company

Monrovia – Working under bad labor conditions without option, workers of TSMO Construction Company are now growing weary of what they now see as maltreatment on the part of the company against them. However, Sherman refused to speak to FrontPageAfrica via mobile phone, claiming that the newspaper was attempting to extort money from the company. On 25 June, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf signed into law the Decent Work Bill, the country’s first labor law since the 1950s. In January 2016, Labor Minister, Neto Z. Lighe vowed to enforce the new Labor Law to ensure that good labor practices are observed in the country. He said the ministry would hold institutions across the country responsible for the new Labor Law if they failed to implement and ensure good labor practices.

January 12, 2017 02:50 UTC

Maryland, Montserrado in Finals Sunday

The southeastern Boys of Maryland County will battle Montserrado County in the 2016/2017 National County Sports Meet Finals on Sunday at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium. This follows their 2-0 victory over 2011 champions Nimba County yesterday. Many supporters of other counties expressed satisfaction with the result and said that they are happy to see a county like Maryland reaching the finals. Maryland last reached the finals in the 50s. On the other hand Montserrado County have appeared in the finals three times, 1969, 2013 and the last edition.

January 12, 2017 00:47 UTC

UN: Attacks on Civilian Areas Have Killed Hundreds of Children in Yemen -

The war in Yemen has taken the lives of nearly 1,400 children and forced the closure of almost 2,000 schools, some of which are now being used as shelters for displaced families, a United Nations children’s fund representative said Wednesday. “This is the latest example of how attacks on civilian areas continue to kill and injure children in Yemen. Instead of learning, children are witnessing death, war and destruction,” Meritxell Relano, UNICEF’s Yemen representative said. According to Relano, more than 2,140 children have been wounded, in addition to those who have been killed, since the Yemeni conflict escalated in March 2015 when Saudi Arabia joined Yemen’s government to fight Iran-backed Houthi rebels. Relano said the actual numbers “are likely to be much higher.”READ MORE OF THIS STORYSOURCE: VOA News Online(Visited 8 times, 1 visits today)Commentscomments

January 11, 2017 19:42 UTC

LIBTELCO Boss Quits in Amidst Corruption Allegations -

The managing director of the Liberia Telecommunications Corporation (LIBTELCO), Mr. Sebastian Muah, has resigned. LIBTELCO Board sources told the Liberia News Agency today that Mr. Muah has already notified the Board of his resignation, and will turn over his office to the Board tomorrow, Thursday, pending the appointment of a new managing director. When contacted by LINA, Mr. Muah could not confirm nor deny the information. His resignation comes in the wake of a newspaper report that he owns 10 percent share in a casino business in Bangui, the Central African Republic. The Liberian Government has launched an investigation into the allegation, and Muah has rejected the report as false and misleading.

January 11, 2017 19:26 UTC

President Obama delivered his Farewell Address in Chicago on January 10, 2017 -

My fellow Americans — (applause) — Michelle and I have been so touched by all the well wishes that we’ve received over the past few weeks. You made me a better President, and you made me a better man. (Applause.) AUDIENCE: Nooo —THE PRESIDENT: No, no, no, no, no — the peaceful transfer of power from one freely elected President to the next. I committed to President-elect Trump that my administration would ensure the smoothest possible transition, just as President Bush did for me.

January 11, 2017 08:15 UTC

Rep. Thomas Fallah Cautions Politicians to Put Liberia First

Monrovia - Montserrado County District #5 Representative, Thomas P. Fallah, has called on politicians to put Liberia first in their political endeavor as the country gears toward general and presidential elections in 2017. In an interview with FrontPage Africa, Representative Fallah said even though there would be disagreement on major political issues, Liberia should be the foremost priority of every politician. The Montserrado County lawmaker said 2017 is a year of political tension and as such, Liberian should remain peaceful as they go about electing their political leaders. To our citizens who believe that hope is lost, hope is not lost. There are other major political actors who felt disenchanted due to their own conviction that they were marginalized or cheated during the election period and took different radical approach.

January 11, 2017 02:54 UTC

Child Abuse Cases Suffers Setback in Liberia – Child Advocacy Group

Monrovia – A local child advocy group in Liberia, Defense for Children International, DCI, says 703 child rights cases are still on the docket of Liberia’s judicial system. The DCI boss called for a more roburst approach to mitigate some of the many challenges impeding child rights and advocacy group. Kawah says the organization remains vigorous in avocating for the rights of children especially the vulnerable ones in communities across Liberia. There are policy already in place denying people from buying from children selling on the street,” he said. Meanwhile, Kawah said despite the delay in trial of cases of child rights violations, there are some gains made by his child rights advocacy group in addressing incidents of child abuse in Liberia and he wants the public coorperation in addressing these social vices.

January 11, 2017 02:40 UTC

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