‘Can Boys’ Struggle For Place in Liberia’s Petroleum Sector

“If I pay real estate taxes here, they (other filling stations) pay real estate taxes. Sometimes the filling stations can put air in the tank,” says Ernest Duo, a motorcyclist, GSA Road in Paynesville. Their main customers are motorcyclists, who favor the variety of offers—including quarter gallon or “Musa”—that filling stations do not offer. Most can boys sell gasoline L$310, LD$15 more than the regular pump price of L$295. Individual can boys do not have sufficient money to buy in from the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company or big petroleum dealers so they purchase from mini filling stations or from the registered filling stations.

January 18, 2017 03:05 UTC

Liberians Lament Unbearable Conditions Due to High Exchange Rate

Monrovia – As the Liberian dollars continue to depreciate against the United States dollars on an unprecedented scale, many Liberians say life is becoming unbearable for them. "They either tell us to convert the Liberian Dollars to United States dollars, or they imposed high exchange rate on us. We do not transact with our customers in United States Dollars; yet to buy a motor bike, we have to pay in United States Dollars." "If we don’t have the US Dollars, then our suppliers demand a very high rate. "So I am finding it difficult to get the United States Dollars.

January 18, 2017 02:46 UTC

Freeman Calls For Urgent Intervention to Reduce Trade Deficit

"Reducing our trade deficit is at the heart of reducing our exchange rate, ensuring the existence of local factories; producing local goods would enable retention of the millions remitted to Liberia,” he said. He said 90% of Liberia’s farmers are uneducated and lack the capacity for documentation, therefore he called for a more dynamic and functional privately own system that supplies farmers’ needs void of bureaucracy. Freeman said this will best isolate Liberia’s long held agricultural challenge and convert the country to a net exporter of agricultural value added products. The project is expected to restore the capacity of Liberia’s agricultural sector and therewith enhance the sector’s contribution to GDP, increase food security, and farmer’s incomes. Already, Liberia relies on foreign aid, and Freeman argued this undermines the country’s commitment to service delivery for its people.

January 18, 2017 02:33 UTC

Presidential Appointees Receive Pay After Dismissal or Resignation

Monrovia - A special audit of the payroll and payment process of presidential appointees conducted by the Internal Audit Agency (IAA) has established that dismissed and resigned presidential appointees received their regular salaries for months after their dismissal and resignation. The purpose of this special audit was to appraise the system of payment for presidential appointees and highlight anomalies and its attending cost to the Government. The audit covered the payroll of all presidential appointees from July 2014 – February 2016. Presidential appointees usually receive 80 percent of their salaries in US dollars and 20 percent in Liberian dollars. The alleged failure on the part of line ministries/agencies to notify the Comptroller and Accountant General’s office about the dismissal or resignation of some presidential appointees led to the payment of US$126,118.99 and LD$1,871,284.73.

January 18, 2017 02:19 UTC

House Summons Benoni Urey, LoneStar/MTN, LTA Over Free Call

After several hours of deliberation, the lawmakers voted to invite the Board of the Liberia Telecommunication Authority, LoneStarCell/MTN and its Board Chairman, Benoni Urey and the Liberia Revenue Authority to appear Thursday, January 17, 2017. Representatives Gray, Bhofal Chambers, Bill Twehway, Moses Kollie and Munah Pelhm-Youngblood voted against additional taxes on domestic calls when it was being debated at the lower House. Some angry subscribers demanded that their units that were taken by the GSM Company should be replaced. The committees, in their report, informed plenary that LoneStarCell/MTN had assured that the increment in tax would not affect the free calls promotion. The assurance by the company was also heralded by the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning and the LRA.

January 18, 2017 02:19 UTC

Disaster Strikes AGL Church Confab

Disaster recently struck the 68th National Annual Conference of the Africa Gospel League (AGL) Church in Lower Harlandsville Township outside Buchanan in Grand Bassa County following the electrocution of its electrician, Borbor Kangar. The incident occurred two days before the commencement of the conference at its headquarters in Lower Harlandsville Township. Despite the incident, the conference went ahead and brought together 49 district churches, from River Cess, Margibi, Montserrado and Grand Bassa counties, out of the 69 district churches. He also disclosed that some of the funds generated will be directed at purchasing a parcel of land to erect a guesthouse. The late Kangar was born in 1954 at the J.F.

January 18, 2017 01:53 UTC

Judge Gives State Lawyers 24 Hour Ultimatum

Judge Nuta’s decision came immediately after he suspended last Monday’s hearing to allow the prosecution to encourage Dennis to honor the court’s order to testify. When the court resumed yesterday, Dennis was again nowhere to be found, which prompted the judge to fine each of the lawyers US$100. But the judge said after that request, he immediately sent court officers along with the defense counsel to Dennis’s office at the LNP headquarters. “They later reported that Dennis was at work and not ill as claimed by the state lawyers, and he has again deliberately absented himself with the knowledge of prosecution,” Nuta noted. The criminal court judge had earlier rejected Dennis’s investigative report that prosecution was relying on to convict the defendant because it was not presented to the defense team prior to the trial.

January 18, 2017 01:53 UTC

PPCC Chairman Resigns to Respond to Global Witness Allegations

The Public Procurement and Concessions Commission (PPCC) says it takes due notice of the ongoing investigation by the Special Taskforce on the Global Witness allegations against some past and present officials of the Liberian government including its Chairman, Professor Willie Belleh. The Special Taskforce has included Prof. Belleh in the second batch of persons indicted for their alleged roles in the Sable Mining saga. At the time President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf requested him to stay on as Chairman of the PPCC. Prof. Belleh continues to insist that he is innocent and that the charges against him are fabrications. Prior to the Global Witness allegations and this indictment, Prof. Belleh served the Commission with distinction.

January 18, 2017 01:53 UTC

US$50 Billion Illicit Flow of Cash Frightens LRA Commissioner General

Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) Commissioner General, Elfrieda Stewart Tamba says the illicit flow of money from Africa is overwhelming. Mrs. Tamba quoted the Mbeki Report on illicit flows of money out of Africa and said Africa loses about US$50 billion yearly and warned that it must stop. The Mbeki Report which Commissioner General Tamba is referencing, is a document prepared by a high level panel established in 2012, following a meeting organized by the joint African Union Commission and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. She said it will also strengthen the capacity of LRA in the exchange of information for tax matters since tax evasion is one major source of illicit financial outflow. In this regard, the LRA Commissioner General said her institution needs to acquire the necessary information technology infrastructure, and ensures the passage in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) of the legislative framework that will facilitate the process in line with the new standard.

January 18, 2017 00:50 UTC

Trump’s Victory: Will White America Take on Corporate Greed?

Ironically, white Americans gave the U.S. presidency to Mr. Trump because he promised to ease Americans’ economic pains, including the promise to provide good-paying jobs in the U.S. (Nelson Schwartz, NY Times, 11/13/16). So, he did ask the late chief executive and co-founder of Apple, Inc., Mr. Steve Job how America could entice investors to manufacture in America. These fees represent the cost of borrowing, merging fees, advisory fees, trading stocks and bonds fees. in America, do limit the number graduate student in order to protect the professional fees, according to Mr. Dennis Cauchon. Sooner than later, white Americans will realize that their economic pains are derived from a structural economic policies; and that President-elect Donald Trump’s promise to provide good-paying jobs in America was a campaign statement.

January 17, 2017 22:53 UTC

Liberia Pays $17M For One Megawatt But Guinea Pays $2M

They believe that a change in leadership, for instance, will reduce price gouging and, or reduce low price offering for our natural resources. In fact, (68) sixty-eight of the concessionary agreements signed between Liberia and investors are flawed, according to Global Witness. Well folks, price gouging or minuscule price offering is not limited to poor countries. Since it is difficult to obtain reliable document from Liberia, let us review economic activities in America to help us understand whether reform policy might assist a leader to reduce economic pain. Liberia would demand and receive better price if it became economically powerful by adding value to the country’s natural resources.

January 17, 2017 19:53 UTC

Four Gambian ministers resign -

Gambia’s Ministers of Finance, Foreign Affairs, Trade and Environment have resigned from President Yahya Jammeh’s government, according to report on Tuesday. They all resigned as regional forces prepare to oust the veteran leader unless he steps down by Thursday. But Jammeh’s defiance has sent the tiny West African country into crisis, causing government defections and opening up the prospect of military intervention by other countries in the region. According to Gambian state television on late Monday, Finance Minister Abdou Kolley was being replaced. The mayor of the capital Banjul has also resigned, according to sources at the city council.

January 17, 2017 19:13 UTC

ALJA Prexy: Role of Liberian Churches in 2017 Elections is Crucial -

Mr. Sandy said the slated 2017 general and presidential elections would be a crucial period in Liberia’s quest for continued peace and stability. The LMADV is a group of US based Liberian Churches located in the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. However, he said, the critical roles of Liberian churches in the October political race can’t be overstated because they do not exist in utopia. He said the mush rooming of Liberian churches is creating more problems than good for the unity of the Liberian Christian community in the US. He called on the Liberian Ministers Association of the Delaware Valley (LMADV) to take a lead in the unification and merger of the US based Liberian churches.

January 17, 2017 18:29 UTC

Dog Kills Gambia President-Elect Son -

A son of Gambia’s President-elect, Adama Barrow, has died after being bitten by a dog, the BBC has reported. Mr. Barrow missed his son’s funeral as he was advised to remain in neighbouring Senegal for his own safety. Mr. Barrow won the presidential election last year but outgoing President Yahya Jammeh has refused to accept the result after initially conceding defeat and congratulating Mr. Barrow. President Muhammadu Buhari is leading other West African leaders to convince Mr. Jammeh to leave office as scheduled on January 19. SOURCE: BBC News Online(Visited 20 times, 20 visits today)Commentscomments

January 17, 2017 18:12 UTC

UK contractor to build £10m road in Liberia -

UK contractor Dawnus International has been awarded its third contract in Liberia, for the £10m Gangra Haul Road project for the world’s largest steel manufacturer, ArcelorMittal. ArcelorMittal is developing three iron ore deposits and a concentrator in the mountains of Nimba County, 300km north east of Liberia’s capital, Monrovia. The road construction will involve major earthworks with cut and fill quantities exceeding 1,000,000 cubic metres of soil and rock to form the cuttings and embankments. The wearing course pavement will be constructed using stone from a quarry involving Dawnus drilling, blasting and processing 40,000m3 of products. SOURCE: Global Construction Review(Visited 43 times, 43 visits today)Commentscomments

January 17, 2017 17:57 UTC

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