Supreme Court of Liberia Nails ECOWAS Court Judge Wilkins Wright

Monrovia – The integrity of one of the justices of the ECOWAS Court of Justice, Justice M. Wilkins Wright, has come to public disrepute in his home country, Liberia, where the Supreme Court has revoked his license for 12 months. Wright was nominated to the bench of regional court in 2014 by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. His ascendency to the Court was a giant step in Liberia’s recognition of the body, as the Supreme Court of Liberia continues to resist subordination to the regional court. Serving on the ECOWAS Court is by nomination by the President a member state who is given a slot for nomination. Judge Nuta’s conduct was also in breach of several Judicial Canons and is also suspended for a period of six calendar months.

February 20, 2017 01:18 UTC

President Sileaf and Her Cronies - Is There A Secret?

LIBERIA IS BRAIN DRAINED, NO DOUBT about that – but not to the extent that Madam President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, wants the Liberian people to believe. OVER THE YEARS, WE’VE watched her circulating her friends and cronies from one ministry/agency to the other, despite their dismal performance or acts unbecoming of public officials. Even Madam President longed to see her “foot prints”, but it was easy to guess that the President was disappointed in her performance which probably led to her removal as Minister. WE’RE NOW GETTING TO GET a deeper sense of understanding when former Auditor General, John S. Morlu, II wrote in a commentary that President Sirleaf only fired corrupt officials to get international attention. MADAM PRESIDENT, WHILE we are aware that your time is running out, Liberians must not be taken for granted and those representing the country at sub-regional, regional and global bodies should be properly vetted.

February 20, 2017 00:48 UTC

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf – From Iron Lady to US$2 Billion Woman

Liberia needs roads – yes we do, but the rush to acquire eleventh-hour loans all in the name of staging political and token projects to win votes is counterproductive! Nothing of substance has been achieved during her presidency despite the billions in aid and other forms of international goodwill she received. Where was this new found sense of urgency when the President herself referred to our education system as a “mess”? Where this new found sense of urgency when under her leadership Liberia was achieved the highest infant mortality in the world? Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, a caterpillar by nature morphs into the lofty butterfly – but Liberia rejects, in totality, your last ditch attempt to transmogrify from the so-called Iron Lady into the two Billion Dollar woman!

February 20, 2017 00:42 UTC

LEBANON: Citizen arrested for smuggling food to terrorist groups in Arsal -

NNA – Army units arrested at dawn on Sunday the citizen, Mohammed Hassan Audeh, at “Wadi Hmayid” Checkpoint in Arsal as he was driving a truck loaded with stones, hidden underneath of which were large amounts of food, as he tried to smuggle them to terrorist groups in the barren mountains of Arsal region, an Army communiqué indicated. The arrested citizen was handed-over to the concerned authorities for further investigation and necessary measures. READ MORE OF THIS STORYSOURCE: News Now/ NNA(Visited 21 times, 16 visits today)Commentscomments

February 19, 2017 18:45 UTC

Officers Kill Pellet Gun-Wielding Robbery Suspect in Bushwick -

It happened around 12:45 Sunday morning at the Garden Deli and Grill on Starr Street near Irving Avenue in Bushwick. Investigators responding to a 911 call about a robbery found the man walking down the street and approached him. A deli worker tells us the man threatened to kill him during the robbery. “He tells me bag it up again or I’m going to kill you,” the clerk said. Please don’t kill me.”“It’s not even worth it like pull a gun on someone try to kill them for a couple of beers.

February 19, 2017 18:33 UTC

4 more North Korean suspects at large in Kim Jong Nam's killing -

Malaysian authorities are searching for four more North Korean suspects who left the country the same day Kim Jong Nam, the North Korean leader’s estranged half-brother, was killed. Noor Rashid Ibrahim, deputy national police chief, identified the suspects at a news conference on Sunday. He also mentioned a fifth person of interest and two unnamed North Korean wanted in connection with the incident. The four suspects identified are males ranging in age from 33 and 57, according to the Malaysian newspaper, The Star. READ MORE OF THIS REPORTSOURCE: USA Today Online(Visited 9 times, 9 visits today)Commentscomments

February 19, 2017 13:37 UTC

25% Pay Cut Of Gov’t Officials Salaries, Benefits Greeted With Contentment As Liberians Stresses More Interventions -

The population of Sierra Leone is 6.092 million while Liberia is 4.294 million, quoting World Bank February 6, 2017 added. He said 50% of Sierra Leone’s national budget accounts for recurrent expenditure while 86.7% of Liberia’s budget accounts for recurrent expenditure. Our National Legislature is one of the most clandestine and incompetent assembly anyone can ever imagine. We must demand immediate reduction in the salaries and benefits of Liberian Lawmakers through mass civil action. Corruption has been an acceptable standard or value in the Liberian Legislature.

February 19, 2017 11:20 UTC

Body of Briton who died while fighting Isis in Syria arrives in UK -

The body of a British man who died after travelling to Syria to join Kurdish militia in the fight against Islamic State has arrived back at Heathrow airport to a hero’s welcome. Dozens of people, including members of the Kurdish community, held roses and pictures of Ryan Lock, 20, as his body was repatriated to the UK. Lock, from Chichester, West Sussex, died in an Isis offensive during efforts to retake the northern city of Raqqa, considered the terrorist group’s capital. The former chef joined Kurdish militia after telling his family he was going on holiday to Turkey in August. READ MORE OF THIS STORYSOURCES: News Now/ Press Association/Guardian Online(Visited 4 times, 4 visits today)Commentscomments

February 19, 2017 10:26 UTC

President Sirleaf Makes New Appointments in Government -

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has made new appointments in government affecting the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Finance and Development Planning, Commerce and Industry, Internal Affairs, Agriculture, Justice, and the National Public Health Institute. Charles Karmo – Deputy Minister for CodificationNational Public Health Institute of Liberia:Board of Directors:Ministry of Finance & Development Planning Statutory MemberMinistry of Justice/Attorney General Statutory MemberChief Medical Officer Statutory MemberPresident, University of Liberia Statutory MemberDirector General, Public Health Institute Statutory MemberDr. Moses Massaquoi MemberCllr. District Jrao Admin. DistrictMr. Tommy Greenfield – District Commissioner, Fenitoe Administrative District, Dorbor Administrative DistrictMr. D. Wonplue Teah – District Inspector, Dorbor Statutory DistrictMr. Jerry K. Nagbe – District Inspector, Jloh Statutory DistrictMr. William Gyflahn – District Inspector, Trehn Statutory DistrictMr. Victor Sieh – Township commissioner, Barwon Township, Dorbor Statutory DistrictMr. Moses Blayon – Township Commissioner, Sawken Township,Garraway, Trehn Statutory DistrictMr. Joseph N. Martin – Township Commissioner, George E. Henry Township, Wedabo Beach, Siklio/Quaojlo StatutoryDistrictMr. Seekelon Doe – Township Commissioner, Elizabeth CollinsvilleTownship, Siklio/Quoajlo Statutory DistrictMr. Jimmy B. Dion – Township Commissioner, Gbaken Township, Trehn Statutory DistrictMr. Sampson Wantu – Township Commissioner, Dougbo Township, Treh Statutory DistrictGbarpolu:Mr. Alfred O. Bai – Commissioner, Gbarma Admin DistrictGrand Cape Mount:Mr. Z. Marley Doweh, Sr. – Relieving Commissioner, Porkpa/Gola Konneh Statutory DistrictMr. Varney Fahnbulleh, Commissioner, Tallah Township. These appointments are subject to Senate confirmation, where applicable.

February 19, 2017 10:10 UTC

Trump's planned UK state visit divides Brits -

On Monday, the UK parliament will debate a petition on whether US President Donald Trump should be granted a planned state visit. As Abigail Frymann Rouch discovered in London, the issue is proving to be divisive. One is under intensifying fire from MPs, the other is unfailingly popular with politicians and other professionals, especially after a long day’s work. The Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, is accused of abandoning the impartiality demanded by his position for saying that US President Donald Trump should not be allowed to address the Houses of Parliament. The Speaker pub, a few minutes’ walk away, overflows with the noisy opinions of suited civil servants and lobbyists.

February 19, 2017 10:10 UTC

Tens of thousands flock to Barrow's inauguration in Gambia -

Tens of thousands of Gambians on Saturday flocked to the inauguration of the country’s third president, Adama Barrow, following months of uncertainty after his predecessor Yahya Jammeh refused to give up power. The stadium where the inauguration was due to take place was packed with an estimated 25,000 people, including the presidents of Ghana, Liberia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast and Mauritania. Barrow had already been sworn in on January 19 in neighbouring Senegal, where he fled for security reasons after weeks of political impasse following the December 1 election. Songs and shouts of slogans filled the stadium, where many wore pro-Barrow T-shirts. READ MORE OF THIS REPORTSOURCES: News Now/DPA/EBL News(Visited 5 times, 5 visits today)Commentscomments

February 19, 2017 09:45 UTC

US Homeland Security Chief Promises 'Streamlined' Travel Ban -

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump will soon release a “more streamlined version” of a presidential order banning immigrants from seven Muslim-majority nations, but it will be better implemented and avoid the chaos that resulted from an earlier attempt to restrict foreign travelers arriving in the U.S., Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Saturday. Speaking at the annual Munich Security Conference in Germany, during a panel discussion on combating terrorism, Kelly said the new version of the travel order will not prevent foreign nationals with either work visas or “green card” permanent residency permits from re-entering the United States. Nor will it affect foreign travelers already flying to U.S. ports of entry when the order takes effect, he added. Trump will “make sure that there’s no one caught in the system of moving from overseas to our airports” during the travel ban, Kelly said. READ MORE OF THIS STORYSOURCE: VOA News Online(Visited 14 times, 14 visits today)Commentscomments

February 19, 2017 06:22 UTC

Syrian forces attack rebel-held areas of Homs, Deraa, Damacus -

By: REUTERSBEIRUT – Syrian warplanes bombarded a besieged rebel-held district of Homs, southern Deraa and insurgent areas in Damascus’s outskirts on Saturday in what appeared to be intensifying assaults in the west of the country, monitors said. Much of western Syria is covered by an ongoing but shaky ceasefire between the government and rebels that took effect on Dec. 30, but fighting has rumbled on, with warring sides accusing each other of truce violations as peace talks loom in Geneva next week. On Damascus’s northeastern outskirts, Syrian government forces attacked the rebel-held Qaboun and Barzeh districts with rockets and shells and killed at least nine people, the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said. READ MORE OF THIS STORYSOURCE: News Now/ The Jerusalem Post(Visited 14 times, 14 visits today)Commentscomments

February 18, 2017 20:40 UTC

Sacked US attorney general Sally Yates declares Trump is the "mess"

By Christopher Bucktin, Sophie EvansThe ex-acting US attorney general has lashed out at President Donald Trump’s claims that he “inherited a mess” both “at home and abroad”. Sally Yates was fired by Trump last month after she took the incredibly rare step of defying the White House by refusing to defend the ‘Muslim travel ban’. Today, she took to Twitter to hit out at the president, writing: “Trump did not inherit a mess. He inherited a fortune, unfortunately we elected a mess.”She later added: “For those who feel I was wrong to disobey President Trump’s order. Read More of this reportSource: News Now/Mirror Online(Visited 34 times, 27 visits today)Commentscomments

February 18, 2017 19:52 UTC

GNN Introduces New Column; The Law & Governance Shortly -

In its bid to adequately inform, educate and professionally entertain its numerous browsing populace worldwide, the management of the Global News Network, Publisher of the online: and its affiliate hardcopy edition, GNN-Liberia will shortly introduce an interesting Column: Law & Governance. Law & Governance will be authored by a Liberian legal expert, Wonder Koryenen Freeman, Legal Affairs Manager at the Financial Intelligence Unit (Liberia) in Monrovia. Watch out for this interesting column. (Visited 5 times, 5 visits today)Commentscomments

February 18, 2017 09:31 UTC

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